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*Gifted as part of a previous collaboration.

We were previously sent the Britax Advansafix as per a video review for Netmums. I wanted to share my honest thoughts here on my blog and give a full review. We have been using the car seat now for about three months.

First impressions: 

My first impressions were that I loved the look of the Britax Advasafix IV R and I am really impressed with all the safety features the carseat has. It gives me great peace of mind. Safety is something that is really important to me when purchasing a car seat for my children. I did notice straight away when I got it out of the box that it was quite heavy but this also just shows how sturdy and safe the carseat is. 

Multistage group car seat for groups 1,2, and 3 

I was really impressed to learn that this car seat can be used from 9 months – 12 years. (9-36kg) Which means it grows with your child. So really this car seat is an investment, especially in terms of your child’s safety in your car as it can be used for such a long period of time and will last your child right until they are out of a carseat. 

The car seat also uses an isofix and a top tether. I personally have never used a top tether before, the previous car seat I had for Archie was secured with the seatbelt. This was my first try and after fitting the top tether I was so impressed with how secure the car seat is to the seat of the car. Along with the isofox it feels really safe. 


The seat is just lovely to look at, I really like the style and the colour. The material feels extremely comfortable and is very padded and cushioned to keep baby comfortable on longer car journey rides. It also has an ergonomic adjustable headrest. The design is incredibly slick and is available is many different colours. 

It has a five point harness with soft chest pads to ensure your little one is not only strapped safely but also very comfortable.  The five point harness should be used from 9 months to 3.5/4 years old or (9-18kgs). 

The Britax Advasafix IV R car seat also offers three recline positions. So that’s really helpful if your little one falls asleep in the car seat you can very easily put it into the recline position. 

I have a Citroen Grand Picasso so the back of the car has three individual seats. What is fab is that the Britax Advasafix IV R is slim enough so that I’d be able to have three of them along the back row for my other two children who are 5 and 8 if I wanted. I am really impressed that the Advasafix would be able to do this and you could have three along the back. 

The car seat cover is also machine washable. 

Car seat that grows with your child

So when I learned that the Advansafix grows with your child from 9 months to 12 years I was really pleased but also intrigued as to how this would work. 

It is called flip and grow technology and allows you to change from a 5 five point harness to a high back booster very easily. 

The seat can be used as a high back booster from about 3.5-12 years (15-36kgs). 

What is also handy if for example the grandparents are using the seat and they don’t have isofix you can used the car seat with just sole use of the cars own seat belt. This is handy to know. But equally can be used along with the isofix too for extra safety. But this is only when using the car seat as a group 2 or 3. 

The Advasafix IV R has excellent safety 

The Advasafix has side impact cushion technology. The protective shell of the car seat and deep side wings and the belt positioned in case of impact helps to reduce injury to abdominal area by having the belt in the correct position for the child. This all adds to the excellent safety standards that Britax work towards. 

Along with the top tether and the isofix the car seat is one of the safest I’ve personally used. And I am so thankful that Britax have such high standards when it comes to the safety of our children. 

Final thoughts 

I absolutely love the Britax Advansafix not just for the overall look and comfort the seat offers but because of all the safety features and the combination of safety technology the car seat has. 

I also love how easy it was to fit I did this myself and got it safe and secure for Arthur quite easily. It’s also so simple to switch to the high back booster. 

For all these reasons I’d highly recommend and I am really impressed with the Advansafix IV R. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.

*Previously worked on a collaboration with the brand but this content is in no way paid for or sponsored. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. June 11, 2019 / 5:28 pm

    This looks like such a great car seat, you can’t go wrong with Britax in our experience!

  2. June 13, 2019 / 12:06 am

    That looks like a really sturdy car seat. And very cute child model too!!

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