A little Weekend Trip to Liverpool

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Our Trip to Liverpool

We are just on our way home from our trip to Liverpool while I write this post, making the four hour journey home. When you read this post we should have been home for a few days. So far we have been very lucky with the roads and had such a clear run we have just stopped over for a Starbucks. And now ready for the last half of our journey.

I had my mother in laws hen do and dan and I decided we’d travel up together and get a hotel and spend some time wondering around Liverpool. I am so glad we went together and decided to split our trip to Liverpool up in two parts. We stayed at Wolverhampton Premiere inn on the Friday night and a hotel in Liverpool city centre on the Saturday.

We had such a lovely time and we both fell in love with Liverpool. It’s a beautiful city and I was so surprised with it really not been crowded and it was well kept and clean. It’s a really great to visit, you can shop, go to the theatre, or go for dinner, there is so much to do. 

It felt like such a treat to have pockets of time just the two of us between the hen do. It was so nice to have each other’s company and so grateful for the time we had together. We don’t often get time just the two us, Last year we went to Canterbury in January which we loved.

Having our children so young has meant we were swept into parenthood and have been in the thick of those intense sleepless nights and routines. As we get older, or as I get older I am less afraid to ask for help (I still don’t find it easy to ask) or ask so that we can take some time to us. It’s not easy when you feel guilty for leaving the children in the first place too.

However I’ve done plenty of work on myself over the years and I have learnt it is super healthy to take a little time out and make those strong foundations with my husband and have time just us, the us before we had our beautiful children. Our relationship still feels just as new and exciting as it did 11 years ago, and everyday I feel I fall in love with him for different reasons. 

We ate at some lovely places and considering we’d never been to Liverpool before we did quite well with our choices not having been before and enjoyed all our food. 

Our most favourite part of the city was Albert Dock it was really lovely. Lots of places to eat and drink really nice vibe and such a lovely part of Liverpool. We had a lovely wonder around and enjoyed seeing the docks and everything that was there. I also picked up a Liverpool fridge magnet to add to our little collection.

We are so lucky in the UK there are so many places just a few hours drive to explore I felt like a tourist. I absolutely love visiting new places especially here in the UK. So pleased I can now add Liverpool to my list. 

And I found this beautiful pub, super soft lighting real brick walls and just felt like a little treasure really nice vibe to sit and have a drink. I had two St Germaine’s here, one of my favourite drinks. 

I am wearing the beautiful Lace and Favour Jewellery. My necklace earrings and bracelet is all from the range and I absolutely adore it. It comes in beautiful boxes which keeps the jewellery safe and protected. I will treasure these pieces. I think they are so beautiful. I have already worn my earrings for our Christmas Do and loved wearing the whole set for my mothers hen do. Lace and Favour is actually a local business to me. 

I love supporting local business’s. Dan and I own our own business which we have both worked so hard at together. Dan of course does all the physical side of the business, he’s an amazing carpenter and his work is amazing. His favourite carpentry work to do is conversions, building a timber frame from scratch and weathering in the roof. He has so much knowledge and has now done more conversions than I can count on two hands. When you choose a local business you are supporting your community supporting a family and I love the whole ethos behind it. 

I am so passionate about sharing family run business’s. I genuinely love my Lace and Favour jewellery. A lot of their jewellery is specifically for weddings they have a range of other wedding accessories and shoes too. Such beautiful items. You should definitely pop over to have a look. It has been a pleasure to share their business here on my blog and on my Instagram too.

We loved our trip to Liverpool and hope to visit again in the future. Have you explored Liverpool?


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