5 Tips To Feel More Grateful Everyday

Something that is important to me is being grateful for the life I have. I think all of us can sometimes be complacent and overlook how wonderful our lives are, how blessed we are to have the people and things we do. We have food, a roof over our head and all our simple needs are so easily met. Yet sometimes we can forget that to some these are luxuries.

I think it is so important to hold a healthy positive mindset in life. Laugh often and don’t take things too seriously. Without this you can feel low and miss the joy in your days.

Social media is such a huge place, there is so much information to take in everyday, and it is far too easy for each of us to compare ourselves to others. If thats you, thats the first thing you need to stop comparing yourself. You are you for a reason and be proud of that. You have something others don’t, your own unique mind filled with different ideas. Thats beautiful. That means you have something to offer that is different. It’s important to remember you are wanted here and that you add value and you matter.

I have compiled a little list of the 5 things to help create and feel more gratitude in your life, resulting in more happiness and a wonderfully blessed life. I have tried it and it works. It’s not a one day thing. This is something that should be a constant in your life, just like cleaning your house or washing your clothes for example these things are a constant.

You deserve all the good life has to offer, and by starting these daily/weekly actions you will shift your mindset and change your life.

Be grateful for absolutely everything.

Don’t be picky or choosey about what you are grateful for. It starts with the most simplest things that we all take for granted everyday. Things like, warm clothes, a warm house, socks for our feet to keep our toes cosy in the winter, being able to pay your bills, or a hot cup of tea. Start by making a daily list of the ten things you are most grateful for in that day. When I first started doing this I didn’t think I would be able to come up with any over along period of time. But actually there is something to be grateful for in each day. And everyday your list can either be filled with the same ten things or changed to add different things.

Finding gratitude in your challenges

No one is perfect and we all go through challenges, whether thats overcoming trauma’s from the past, facing emotional or physical health issues or even financial challenges.

You may have family issues, so instead of making that bring you down look at the bigger picture and look at who you do have around you, the family that is present that is most important. Be grateful for what you do have and don’t focus on the lack you may feel you have in your life.

Going through challenges are scary but if we take a step back and be grateful for the lessons we are learning and know that challenges bring so much growth and expansion for us as a person it can give us greater perspective. Your challenges make you, you. Isn’t that an amazing thought?

Practice being mindful everyday

Try writing a gratitude list, by doing this you can easily bring out your emotions. You may cry or feel so happy and lucky to have what you have and realising you have not been grateful like this before can bring a huge amount of emotion. This is okay and actually really good. The more emotion we feel when writing our gratitude lists, the better.

By keeping a gratitude list you keep these emotions alive and you are basically rewiring your brain as you go along.

Write a gratitude journal or start a blog

Writing in a gratitude journal or starting a blog is a good way to put your thoughts feelings down and to write about your life. By doing this you are actually able to sit and think wow look at everything I have. It brings your life to life so to speak, so that you can see exactly how lucky you are to be here now.

I found this is what my blog was for me when I first started 5 years ago now. Motherhood can be full on and being able to write a gratitude journal and summing up our day or our memories brought my life to life and into my awareness. It made me so grateful more and more each time I wrote about it. It is such a powerful process and I recommend it to everyone.

If you don’t want to start a blog buy yourself a gratitude journal there are so many online these days.

Spend time with loved one’s and express who you are

Spend time with people who love you back just as much as you love them and who love you for who you are. These are the people who are going to not only help you see the beauty you already have inside of you that you may not see. They are going to allow you to feel grateful for the relationships you do have with them. They will make you feel safe to be who you are.

By showing them love, it is a way of showing your gratitude for them. You can do this in such simple ways. Making them a cup of tea, telling them how much they mean to you. These small little gestures go such a long way and are such a powerful way to action the gratitude you feel within you.

I often tell my children and my husband how much they mean to me and I try my best to show them love in the things I do for them daily. for example, washing their clothes and putting them away neatly, doing a weekly food shop and buying some of their favourite snacks and treats. Cleaning their bedrooms for them while they are at school. One thing I love doing especially in the winter is buying them new cosy pj’s to wear. Its something I find a lot of joy in and when they were younger buying them matching ones. This is one way that I physically show my gratitude to my family. By being conscious of this while I am doing my daily tasks at home it is gradually increases how grateful I feel.

Life is an amazing gift. The sooner we can all start to feel grateful for the here and now and realise there is so much more to life then what we may think, the better for our happiness and wellbeing.

Have you ever written a gratitude list?


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