5 Reasons to embrace date nights

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Date nights are definitely few and far between for us, now having three children even more so. So when we do get an evening to ourselves we really do appreciate it so much. It is just so good to feel like Daniel and Tanita again. We adore our children and we adore being parents but I think it is so important and healthy to spend time just the two of you. To remember why you first got together what you first loved about each and found most attractive. Keeping that spark alive is important.

Over the weekend we had a lovely rare evening to ourselves and we headed out for something to eat. Last minute decided to invite my little sister and her boyfriend along we have been meaning to do dinner with them for such a long time now. It turned into such a lovely evening spending time with them.

I am looking forward to summer date nights with Dan so much, spending more time outdoors and visiting our favourite pub gardens. During the winter months we mostly go for dinner and drinks, a shop and a browse or stay in watch Netflix and have a nice meal. You can be so creative with your date nights, its about what you enjoy doing together.

I am also so excited to share with you this gorgeous coat. I wore my gorgeous teddy coat on our date night which is from Lily Lulu Fashion and I was kindly gifted. It is so warm and perfect for the colder evenings at the moment. I never want to take it off once I have put it on. I wear it every day at the moment. It is currently in the sale now on their website. Such a great find and I love wearing it.

Life can be a crazy juggle with three children, both of us being self employed, finding time for ourselves individually and for each other. On top of making sure the children are on time for their clubs and out of school activities. Homework is done and all those sorts of things. Our life is wonderful, it’s full and I feel like we have so much colour in our lives as a family. I wouldn’t change it. I am looking so forward to spending Mothers Day together as a family next weekend.

But of course life is always full of things that might challenge us day to day. In these moments it’s important to stick together even more so as a team and make it work for the greater good of us all.

Of late I have really felt like I have found myself again, what I like and love what I enjoy. I am actively and trying my best to give myself space for the things I love, whether exercising or writing, or beauty treatments. Whatever it is. It is not always something that has come easily to me. And actually not always something that our life has allowed for. So this season right now feels so good.

Looking back in hindsight to how far you have come is always so eye opening. We can sometimes become relaxed and take for granted all we have and then it leaves us feeling flat. But if we take the time to look back and compare to now and how much our lives have changed for the better it reminds us to keep going, what we are creating is good and its worth it.

With all this in mind and how much we all have going on in our own lives I feel it is so important to try to have date nights even if they are at home with dinner a film. it is making the effort to spend that time together that is so special and so beneficial for your relationship as partners and as parents. So here are my five reasons to embrace date night:


Date nights encourage you both to take time and to talk. Even if it’s about anything. We talk about work, our goals, plans ahead for the week and things we have to do. We talk about life and where we are going and almost always we end up talking about the children. Time out to talk uninterrupted is really important.


It gives you both the time out from distractions, you can forget about your responsibilities for a couple of hours and just focus on each other. Having intimate conversation makes your relationship feels stronger which lowers stress.

Keeps the Spark alive

It brings you closer to each other, the more time you spend with a person you care about, the more you will be reminded of all the things that you love about them. It is so important to keep that spark alive in the way you know best for you both. Date each other, plan days out or nights away in advance and then sort a babysitter. It doesn’t have to be often it just has to be something you prioritise into your life every so often.


The more time you give your relationship the stronger it will be. It’s like anything in life where you put your energy is where you’ll see it thrive.

You are better parents for it

The time you take to spend alone as a couple gives you a moment to breathe you go back to your role as parent’s feeling lighter, more patient more loving and recharged enough to give it your best again.

Date night is so so important to us. Daniel is my best friend and everything in between, I love spending my time with him. We enjoy cosy nights in together, watching films and cooking a nice dinner, but we also love a spa day together, or a romantic dinner out. Anything that ultimately gives us time out together. We all enjoy spending our time in different ways, so embrace that in your own way in your life. What one couple might enjoy another might not and thats perfectly okay.

I used to carry a lot of guilt for wanting time out with my husband, why would a mum want to have time away from her children to spend with her husband? This is what I used to say to myself I would think I was a bad mum. But I have come to realise what a better mum it makes me when we’ve had a date night. It is something that has become so important to us and we try to have a date night at least once a month if we can find a babysitter. It works for us and I can see the benefits in all aspects of our lives, at home, work, and everyday life.

Life is a juggle and finding the balance with all things. A balance that works for you. Always winging it and trying my best.

Are date nights important to you?


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