3 Reasons To Love Artificial Grass

artificial grass

Whether it’s the school holidays or you’re just relaxing at the weekend, when the children are cooped up inside it can make them go stir crazy. Children love the outdoors and need plenty of opportunities to be out there having fun n the fresh air.

The garden is the cheapest and easiest way to entice them outside, but it can be off-putting when the weather isn’t so good. It is not always ideal to let the children play on the lawn especially after lots of rain as this just makes both them and your house messy.

Here’s why artificial turf is a great solution for any family garden and why parents across the country are loving it.

No Mud, No Mess

Artificial turf doesn’t get muddy, nor does rainwater pool on top of it after downpours. The perforated holes in the backing means that any liquid that falls onto the lawn will just drain away.

So after period of heavy rain, it’s still possible to kick the kids out to play in the garden without worrying that they will track muddy footprints through the house when they come back inside after some much needed playtime.

Easy to Maintain

Ever get that sinking feeling when you look out into your garden and realise that it needs mowing again. With artificial turf that feeling will never darken your doorway again!

Beyond the odd brush and splash of water if you have pets, artificial lawns need very little care and remain looking fresh for years. Even after heavy use it simply needs some attention from a stiff brush to keep it looking healthy and natural!

It’s Safe

Artificial turf is hypoallergenic, so kids and pets with allergies needn’t worry about feeling under the weather when they’re at play. A quick once over with the hose can easily rid it of any dust or spores that may have settled within it, leaving parents with peace of mind when the kids go out to enjoy the garden.

The composition of artificial lawns are also extremely safe with no toxic materials or nasties featuring in the design. Often they’re made from food-grade materials and nylon, so you can be sure anyone who enjoys it remains safe.

Not only that, but if your little ones like to get boisterous, it’s super soft and can be installed with a range of features including a shock pad that can shield them from serious injury should the worst happen.

artificial grass

It Looks Great

No matter what the kids get up to, an artificial lawn looks great every day, all year around. UV resistant and resilient, it won’t fade after prolonged exposure to the sun, nor will it be damaged by lots of use.

Pets are less likely to dig it up when they’re on the lookout for buried treasure, and any animal mess can be safely removed and cleaned up so play can continue.

Looking at the above, it’s no surprise that more parents are choosing to make artificial lawns a feature in their garden. Technology has come along leaps and bounds, so they’re often a cost-effective, long lasting, natural looking solution that can be used by all the family at any time of year! If you’d like to find out more about artificial turf, it’s uses and where to buy, then head over to the New Lawn website for more information and free samples.

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