3 Life Lessons the last year has taught me

The beginning of 2020, and wow what an amazing energy we have entered into. This year is going to be a big one for all of us. I just know it.

I have published quite a few posts on my blog recently as I feel so inspired and have lots of ideas for content this year so I am going with it.

Looking back over the last year brings out so many emotions. We have been through so much and experienced so much together, we went to Ibiza for the first time ever and absolutely loved it. Those sunsets were like something I had never seen before, so beautiful.

I really feel like we ended the year on such a positive note as a family and I feel like it has set the stage for us to bring in the most amazing year yet. Life just gets better and better and I love growing older there is so much beauty in it. Each year I learn more, I experience more and I get to spend it with four of the most amazing people in my world, my family.

I have made myself a little wish list that I will be working on over the year. I have yet to write a little bucket list for me and my family for the year which Il do over this week. I’d like to share it on here and hopefully it will inspire you to write one too for your family. I find actively and consciously writing down what you’d like to achieve for the year or just do and experience together, making that mental note on paper just makes it a little more powerful. It is also great to read back over in the New Year and see what you ticked off on your bucket list.

I plan to both work hard this year, as I know that the results it will bring for us a family will be immeasurable, and at the same time take the pressure off to do everything all at once. I am hoping for a productive and balanced year. Balanced with stillness and acceptance but also equal measure hard work for the results we seek as a family.

So with all of this in mind, with everything we have been through in 2019 here are 3 life Lessons I have learnt in the last year.

Life happens

As much as we are the sole creator of our lives, life happens. We can go in one direction but the universe can unexpectedly take us in another one. It’s a crazy world that keeps on pulling us in these directions according to our deepest wishes and dreams. So with that in mind allow life to take you where it needs to but at the same time hold tight to your goals and dreams. Let go of all control.

Life keeps on giving

Yes it does, although sometimes it can feel like the complete opposite in some situations it really is for your higher good. There is always something to learn with each experience you go through, I know this from my own experiences and looking back with hindsight.

Change is inevitable and can be for the better

Change is such a huge part of our lives, it’s inevitable. Life is fickle and if we can understand that and go with it we can really benefit. Change at the time can feel scary, however it really can be for the better. And know that hindsight is a great teacher. Change takes us to better pastures it brings new inspiration new motivation it allows us so much if we can see the positives that could come out of change.

So there you have my 3 life lessons I am taking with me into 2020. I know there is a lot of change waiting for us this year, lots that I am apprehensive about but also extremely excited for and I am up for the new to flood my life, open to all the good things this year has lined up for us. All good things for that I am sure.

I would absolutely love for you to share any of your life lessons with me if you have any?


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