The children’s Bedroom reveals

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Bedroom Reveal

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know we have been renovating our house and updating it over the last 4 nearly 5 years. Its not been an easy task because it is a very old house and actually we discovered very early on when we started that each room would need complete stripping, re boarding, re plastering and then decorating. It has been an extremely long process for us.

And then we became pregnant with Arthur and worried as it was only a two bedroom house. We then decided to split the larger of the two rooms we had into two bedrooms, meaning it would be a three bedroom. The boys would share and Sophia would have her own room. This is the best decision we made and we are very lucky that my husband is the perfect man for the job and saved us so much money by doing everything himself.

I am so happy with their bedroom reveal and how the rooms turned out for our children and so pleased that they all have their own little space. It’s so important especially for Sophia being the only girl and also nearly 9 that she has her own space. She is so thrilled with her room and loves it so much. These photos were taken a while ago we have since put up a few shelves. I still have lots more I’d like to add.

Adding the furniture was one of my favourite parts although we did change our minds a little on Sophias bed. We initially got her a double and soon realised it was far too big for the room. Its what she wanted so we did it thinking if she wasn’t happy dan and I would take the bed for the time being. Or at least till we move to a bigger house. The rooms we have now are quite small but they are perfect for now.

So we ended up getting Sophia a single ottoman bed, above is what her room looked like without her desk. We bought Archie just a normal single. I am really pleased with our choices and love the beds we chose. Arthur is now no longer in a crib and has a little toddler bed. We have also bought Archie a little bedside table. So the rooms do look slightly more updated. This will not be the final bedroom reveal, as I am not completely finished with them. I will wait till I am before I do a final reveal with all the accessories and shelves I would like to add.

I have been thinking that I would like to change Sophia’s desk in her room to something else like a bedside table and pretty stool. I think the desk takes up too much room and I am not sure she uses it enough for it to be a useful item in there. She tends to do her homework in the dinning room at the moment. But we will see how this works out.

I am just so happy that our house is finally complete in terms of all new walls and insulation, plastering and flooring. But, I am already getting itchy feet to re paint a lot of it and re floor it. But we will see as I am so enjoying adventuring and travelling more with the children I feel like while they are this young that is much more fun and worthwhile. I am just so happy that now they all have their own little spaces until we eventually move house. It makes me really happy.


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  1. Olya AMANOVA
    October 7, 2019 / 8:49 pm

    I love the pastel pink in your room enterior. It creates an atmosphere of cozy beauty. You have style and taste))) Beautiful setting.

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