Styling Designer Sneakers

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Your wardrobe just isn’t complete without a pair of Sneakers. Not only are they comfortable and versatile but they can look outstanding and very sophisticated depending on how you style them

Once you understand the basics, you’ll be able to style them with all sorts of outfits and learn how to look fancy and funky at the same time. Here are a few styling tips for wearing designer sneakers for women.

Get Fashionable Sneakers

The first thing is making sure that you buy the right sneakers. Forget your local Footlocker. If you want something that will look nice, you have to be ready to pay for it.

Look for high-end materials such as suede, neoprene, and high-quality leather. Not only will it look better but they will look great for longer too. Don’t be afraid to explore different silhouettes, prints, and fabrics as well.

Denim is Your Friend

You can wear them with virtually anything, but dark wash or light blue denim is really where it’s at. Whether you prefer the hemmed up tapered look, or the high-rise mom jeans, sneakers and jeans are always a winner.

But if you’re looking for the perfect pair, try them with denim, you can try a pair of Gucci sneakers. SSENSE has a wide selection ranging from classic cuts to more edgy silhouettes. If you want something classic that will work with virtually anything, you can check out their white or white and pink GG’s, or their Ace collection. Or you could go with a pair of Black Vintage Rythons if you want something more out of the box.

Sneakers and Skirts

There was a time when sneakers were seen as strictly sporty, but today, there are tons of ways that you can rock sneakers with skirts or dresses. A nice flowy patterned blue dress, beige straw hat, hobo bag, and a nice pair of white canvas ones will make you look both casual and chic at the same time. 

Don’t Hop on Trends

We all know that the chunky “Dad” shoes are in right now, but they just don’t work for anyone. Some just won’t like the way they look either in general or on them. 

So, if we were to give you one piece of advice, it would be to start with the classics and get more adventurous once you’ve found your pocket. Also, make sure that the sneakers you pick actually match your current style. You want to buy sneakers that will complement what you already have, not sneakers that will force you to completely rearrange your wardrobe.

Final thoughts

They are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and a must if you want something you’ll be able to wear on a night on the town or running errands. Follow these few tips, and you’ll be able to look great in sneakers no matter the occasion.


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