How to modernise a fireplace | Before & After

We have had nearly four beautiful months in our new home and we’ve made lots of little changes that have made big differences to our space.

We have two beautiful fireplaces, one is an open fireplace and the other is a stove. Both are so lovely on those cold winter evenings. But both fireplaces were very dated and not my style at all.

I decided to paint them both I did each at a different time and I am genuinely so pleased with how they have turned out. This is just to show you the progress of each so far. I still want to buy a mirror for the fireplace in our dinning room.

It was really so easy to do. I bought masonry paint for the fireplace in the living area but you can pretty much use any paint as long as you get a base for it. I used stabiliser before I painted. I then bought a black spray paint to re-paint the little bits inside the open fire to make it all look new as it was white and red beforehand. I did research to make sure paint is okay for fireplaces and I found it is absolutely fine to use on your fireplace.

For the fireplace in the dinning room I just used any white paint I had at home and then once I had done the first coat I used an eggshell paint for the top coat which was a slight cream white colour. I definitely wouldn’t recommend using a satin paint on your stone fireplace as it will go shiny. I went for a matt paint. I did use a satin underneath not thinking about the shine. But luckily the matt eggshell I put over the top of the base paint has covered it well. I am really pleased with how both of my fireplaces have turned out and we really enjoy our time spent in these rooms watching the fire.

This was all done at a really low cost all we needed was the paint and voila it was done. The only other thing I did was sand down the thin oak beam at the to of the fireplace in the dinning room and used oil to seal and protect it. Here is the first fire place this is the one in our living room and what it looked like when we moved in. As you can see it was very dated and not my style. This is the fireplace I painted with masonry paint.

Here is what is looked like when I had finished paiting it:

The other fireplace is a stone fireplace and is in our dinning room. It is a lovely stove and looks so beautiful in here. I will add two before photos and then a final photo of how I re-painted and styled it. I love white and really couldn’t wait to paint it and have it match in with the rest of our house.

There you have our two fireplaces and how we revamped them at such a cheap cost. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. Maybe its given you some inspiration to go for it with your fireplace at home. I love home DIY and really enjoyed these two projects.


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