Creating A Cosy Living Room In Time For Winter


Our living room is very ordinary and actually feels slightly old fashioned to me what with our brown sort of colour scheme. It was the first room we stripped out and redecorated before we moved in and we wanted to get it done as soon as possible so that we could move in and enjoy our new home.

Everything like paint and carpets were brought within the week, If I remember rightly this carpet was an off cut. So not a great deal of thought went into it decorative wise. But I know its easy to make it a bit more modern and bright (which I do plan on doing at some point). I would love to get a rug and some cushions to bring a bit of colour into the room. (colour scheme ideas welcomed) Despite the story behind our very ordinary living room I still love it so much and it is the heart of our home.

It’s where me and Daniel snuggle up at the end of a long day once the children are asleep, normally to watch a current series or a nice film, or get the secret stash of treats out. Its where we sit together and watch a family film with the children. Its where we will sometimes enjoy a family takeaway, those nights are always my favourite as I don’t have to cook. It is somewhere that will be filled with board games and the children’s toys. Its a very versatile room with lots going on throughout the day, and the evening. There are certainly lots of family memories that we have made here in the last two years.

Now that it is autumn I thought it would be great to start thinking about getting our living room ready for the colder months ahead of us. Especially so as we have a new little arrival joining our family in December. I am definitely nesting and you will mostly find me pottering around the house tidying and sorting cupboards and rooms here and there. I can’t seem to get enough of cleaning everything.

There are a few things I like to make sure I have in my living room over the colder months and I thought I would put together some of the items that are essential to me. Here are a few things I picked out from Wayfair.

sofa Rugs artificial plant
Chicago Graceland Corner Sofa

I love this sofa, I especially love that it is grey and it looks so cosy. Corner sofa’s offer a really cosy corner in a living room which would be exactly what we would be looking for.

Adelynn White/Grey Area Rug

I think having a rug in the living room is essential. It makes it extra cosy especially for the upcoming colder winter evenings.

Artificial Nolina Recurvata Plant

It is nice to have a little bit of greenery in a living room. It really brightens it up.

yellow footstool side table
Floor Lamp
Loma Footstool

Adding a pop of colour to a space really makes it feel more inviting. I think this footstool is a lovely okra colour and I like the white legs.

Poudenas Side Table

I really loved this side table when I saw it. I like that it is simple and modern looks. Almost nordic inspired.

Talisman 153cm Floor Lamp

I adore this floor lamp. It looks really industrial and modern and I think it would look lovely in the living room space along with all the other items I have selected.


In the living room I love to have candles, I actually love to have candles all over my house it is something I look so forward to in the winter, there is nothing like a dark room and a lit candle.

As we spend a lot of our time in the living room I like to always have a candle in here. I think it makes it extra cosy.


We are very lucky to have a fireplace in the living room which warms up the whole room and our house during the winter months. We put it in before we even moved in and it was thanks to my father in law for building the structure around the stove. I am so glad we put the fireplace in because we really do love it so much, it makes such a difference in the winter and I have very fond memories over the last two years of sitting here in the living room and enjoying the warmth with our cats, the children and our family and friends.

Although even without a fire place candles do such a great job at creating a cosy atmosphere during the winter months.

What do you like to make sure you have in your living room over the winter months to make it feel extra cosy?



  1. John
    September 30, 2017 / 3:34 pm

    Everybody dreams of retreating into a beautiful wood cabin in the mountains during the chilly winter days. Create that atmosphere in your own home by adding wooden accessories, This could be anything from rustic pieces of wooden furniture, or even some chopped fire logs displayed stylishly. Wooden design elements are really effective in evoking a feeling of warmth indoors.

    • Tanita
      October 2, 2017 / 8:52 pm

      Yes I completely agree. Fire logs always give such a nice feel to the winter months.

  2. Niki
    October 7, 2017 / 8:54 pm

    I really miss having a fireplace as I loved decorating it during different seasons. Plus the coziness of a fire along with candles, lights. One plus side of winter x

  3. October 8, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    This looks so cosy! I love making some changes to the home as it starts getting colder, I am completely jealous of your fireplace! x

  4. October 9, 2017 / 7:31 pm

    I’ve literally covered my living room in candles and I couldn’t be happier with the warm cosy feeling they give a room!

  5. November 10, 2017 / 2:41 pm

    This is super gorgeous and the log burner just complete it! Fabulous interior.

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