Boys shared bedroom reveal adventure theme

Recently I’ve been making a few little tweaks around our home, something I love to do. Changing furniture around, adding furniture and so on. I love it. I love making our home somewhere we love to be, a safe and calming place to relax to unwind and to enjoy together. 

The first room I’m going to share with you is the boys shared bedroom. Initially when we moved in Arthur was still in his toddler bed and Archie had a single bed so that is how we kept it in here. I knew all along at some point I was going to be getting them bunk beds. I didn’t put anything on the walls purposefully when we moved in, as covering up holes etc when you move a room around is a pain and quite a process of filling in and painting. I patiently waited. 

Here is what the boys shared bedroom looked like before:

We’ve been here in our beautiful new home for three months now and I found the boys a lovely sturdy bunk bed which I bought second hand. I am a huge fan of second hand furniture. I purchased ours from Ebay. I love finding small ways I can help look after our environment. And buying second hand is one small way that makes a big difference. 

For the boys shared bedroom I decided on an adventure world theme because it suits both their personalities so well, they are both Sagittarius boys and super adventures and playful naturally. 

I want them to come into their room and not only feel like it is somewhere for the two of them to relax, find a place of calm and sleep tight, but to also feel happiness when they step inside and ready to have fun and enjoy their space and toys here. 

The room is very minimalistic at the moment…. purposefully as I love this look. But also because it is both their birthdays and Christmas soon and I really hate overcrowding our house with too much stuff. It really sends me loopy. I’m definitely someone who likes to have a place for everything, I like it when things look neat it gives me a clear mind and makes me feel organised even when sometimes I really am not organised at all! 

We have this lovely Kallax unit from Ikea which is a godsend for storage and it fits perfectly in this little corner of their room. Archie would like a PlayStation for his birthday so we are contemplating it and this is why I’ve kept this wall free for now in case we decided on a telly here and we’ll use one of the squares to put the PlayStation in. 

This is still very much a decision we are debating. So we will see. 

We bought their beautiful bedcovers from Dunelm actually and I adore them. One side is safari theme and the other a world map. I brought their world map canvas frame from the range and I adore it and think it goes so well with the bedcovers and their little yellow cushions are from Wilko. I’d still like to get them a large rug for their floor and some throws for this winter, I’m just currently undecided on colour at the moment, which is why I’ve not gone ahead yet. 

This is their little book corner with some of their books on display, and also some of Archie’s bits and bobs from when he was much younger and granny took him to the pottery shop to do some painting. These shelves are from Ikea we have had them for years and they have moved house with us.

Arthur has a tiny little corner with a little keep sake from his aunty, which I adore it was from not on the high street and has all his birth details beautifully displayed on a little circular canvas.

This is their simple little bedroom makeover it really didn’t cost a lot at all to add these little bits and the boys are so so happy with their new room makeover. 

Here is a room tour video I put together so you can see around their room.


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