A Sneak Peak at Sophia’s New Room

Sorry for my absence on my blog its been a little longer then I had planned. 

But here I am, back again wanting to share our progress with you. We have been renovating this whole house for what seems like forever but now that every room is finally done we can now either continue to sell or just stay, we are undecided still.

Either way there are still so many lovely furnishings I have been looking at like these sideboards. I don’t think you ever feel finished with your house? Or is that just me!

I am so so pleased that we have finished both Sophia’s and the boys rooms. They have able to move in and sleep in them. They had their first night in them about a week ago.

The rooms are not completely finished yet in terms of decorating and adding furnishings like bookshelves and decor. I still have plenty ideas and home decor items I want to buy and add to both their rooms to make them more homely. Which I’m excited to do but, Dan and I are off on holiday in two weeks so I will go ahead and do more to their rooms when we are back. 

This is Sophia’s room as it is now and I just love it so much it’s so cosy in there and she absolutely adores her space and takes all our friends and family in there to show them. She is very proud. 

It’s quite a small room but perfect for her, so we have done the best we could with the space considering she really wanted a double bed. I have only this one photo to show you as I want to put all the finishing bits up before I show you around it completely. And same with the boys room.

Now that the rooms are finished our house feels so much more spacious. Our house is small it is nothing spectacular in size but it’s plenty enough for the five of us to live here comfortably now we have done the two rooms for the children. 

My hallway is now clear of things and we feel like we have a lot more space it feels really nice. I would really like to get a sideboard to add either in the hallway or in the living room. 

I think it would really make it feel more homely and give us some more storage space too. Which is always welcomed. 

It feels so nice getting the house sorted. It’s definitely not been easy at all with three young children it’s certainty been a journey and an adventure with lots of challenges on the way. 

We still have plenty to do to make it just right for us but we have come so far already and it feels really good. 

Here is the reveal of our bathroom if you wanted to have a look, and our kitchen too. I will do a before and after post of The children’s rooms when they are finished too.

We are so happy with how her room has turned out and I’m looking forward to adding all the little touches to it. She is so happy with her new room as are we. It just feels so good to have them in their own rooms finally and for us to have our room back to. It was definitely worth it in the end.

*Collaborative Post


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