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My friend, Heather, is a brave and courageous woman. I want to help her spread awareness of mesothelioma. Her story is a testimony that you can survive anything. I wanted to create a personal post, one which I addressed her directly, and one which I invite you to read and share in my feelings.

Mesothelioma fighters, Heather, myself, and everyone else who is helping spread awareness right now would be grateful if you could spread this message. Join in and face your fears.

We want to find a cure, but WE NEED YOU, so please read my post and open your heart. This world is full of possibilities, so let’s make a cure possible.

Dear heather

I kind of feel that there is nothing I can say that will do your story justice, but, I wrote something from my heart and I write this post in support of you and your journey, with love and admiration. I hope to spread awareness of Mesothelioma, on your behalf.

I cannot comprehend what it must have being like giving birth to your beautiful daughter, to later face the most tragic news; being told you only had 15 months to live.

Not only is your story inspiring, it is a testimony to all cancer fighters. I believe that the thought of the life you would be leaving behind made you the most willing fighter; a survivor. You say in your video: ‘you have always being accused of wearing rose coloured glasses’; isn’t it a wonderful thing, to be an optimist.

The only way into the light is through the darkness. It is a beautiful thing to know, that, darkness cannot exist in the presence of light. Your daughter was your light, as were many other people in your life. You got though the darkness because; there was always a light shining so brightly for you, for you to be here.

I want to say thank you so much for contacting me, and allowing me the privilege to write about your story, because it’s more than that. Your story has touched me.

Although the experience must have been an absolute tragedy for you and your family, looking back in hindsight, nearly 9 years ago, you must be in awe of yourself and what you have overcome. You are a strong and powerful woman, and to every woman, even those never experiencing cancer, you can offer them something; whether that be advice, inspiration, awareness, admiration, courage or love. No matter what emotion you and your story generate in woman like you and I, you empower all woman and men to face their fears.

Heather, thank you for touching my deepest emotions with your story, one that is close to my heart, because like you I have children, and they mean the world to me, and to be on the verge of death would rip my heart out.

You asked me to list my fears. I have many fears, but, I try not dwell on them, because, to be honest I don’t want to face the things I’m scared of.

But, this got me thinking…

My biggest fear would be to lose the people I love. I have never experienced death first hand, I am 25 years old. I have great empathy for people who go through it, but, I can never imagine what it must be like. So, for you to be confronted with death and look it in the eyes, with only 15 months of life remaining, and to defy the odds, is remarkable.

My mother’s mother, violet, died from this same disease. She was only in her 50’s. My mother was 21. I never had the privilege of meeting my grandmother, but, my mum never fails to keep her alive in my memory. Although I never physically experienced her death, it still brings great sadness to my heart that she died in this way. My mother says, how, in her mums last days she felt that she had given up on life. Those words stuck to me and made me realise how brave you are Heather

What can we learn from facing our fears?

  1. You are more powerful then you know. – We all have dark times, like Heather’s story, it’s about finding the power inside ourselves and finding the light.
  2. Love and support is all we need – Love gives us the opportunity to make it through the darkness, and into the light.
  3. Believe in yourself – Without belief and faith in what you can achieve or what is available to you, you render yourself powerless.

‘Lung Leavin’ Day’

Heather has started ‘Lung Leavin’ Day’ as a testimony to her struggle, her journey through her darkest times. She is here today, living in the light of the world to offer support and wisdom to others in times of great need.

If you want to hear Heather’s story please click here. She is not only a cancer survivor, and mother but a woman just like you and I.

You can help Spread awareness of ‘Lung Leavin’ Day’ on the 2nd February 2015, by going to her website, typing your fear onto a virtual plate and smashing it. You will then be able to share ‘Lung Leavin’ Day’ on your social media sites. You will be doing this in support of other sufferers, in support of woman, in support of facing your fears, and to share love and awareness.

Thank you again Heather for touching my heart. Your story will not only forever be on my blog to support ‘Lung Leavin’ Day’, but be in my memory and my heart forever. I will carry this with me. You make me realise how grateful I am, and I feel privileged you came across me, because, you have given me life. Inspired me to face my fears, and to feel empowered with what is in front of me, now.

I wish everybody love and happiness and I send you Heather the warmest hug, by contacting me you have warmed my heart, and opened my mind to how short life can really be. But, you give me hope that anything is possible. So, thank you, for sharing your story, and I hope you get the support and love for ‘lung Leavin’ Day’ along with raising awareness for everyone who needs it.

All my love

HeatherVon St James


About ‘Lung Leavin’ Day’

Heather’s Story

What is Mesothelioma


I was asked to share my story with the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance as an advocate of the month. You can read it here.


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  1. hannah mum's days
    January 16, 2015 / 7:44 am

    What a great post Tanita, I heard about Heather’s campaign last year – she is an incredible woman and I wish her luck with her new campaign.

    thanks for linking up to #Thelist xx

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