There is beauty in getting older…


Is it me or does life get better as you get older?

I look at this poppy, which I picked up in Norfolk. It’s absolutely beautiful, the vivid red of the petals and the tiny seeds in the middle are so perfectly formed. This poppy is more than just a pretty red flower it is a complex ecological system, which bees use as a pollen source, and it’s seeds were used as a pain killer by ancient Egyptian doctors. Like a poppy we have so much to offer.

With age not only what we have to offer develops, but everything in life becomes clearer.

I dunno what it is but as each year passes I learn more and more. I feel myself becoming more in love with life then I ever thought possible. More in tune with who I really am. I feel like I am learning about me and what I truly want all over again, as if I have only just been born. It’s weird but that’s how I feel. It’s more like I’m on a new cycle a new season, a new vibrational level. Whatever you want to call it I’m alive and I’m conscious.

I see the world having so much to offer, and amazing opportunities around every corner. There is endless choice, actually I find it can get a little confusing at times. Can kind of make me feel a bit overwhelmed. For me it makes it a lot harder, at times, to hold tight to my vision.

I have a misty plan in my head, of my dreams wishes and goals. Which I need to clarify and really articulate clearly in my mind what it is exactly that I desire.

These goals dreams and wishes, some of them, I would never tell a soul because they are personal to me and of value to only me. And some asking so much you would probably think I am crazy.

I love that I am me, I hold my whole life in my head and can create new and exciting ideas and opportunities for myself. Imagination is the most beautiful gift, creation in itself is a gift and we all have inherited this from our creator. Our imagination allows us to create any future we can conjure up, anything you dream or desire can become your reality.

Well how do you ask?

It’s easy …

Keep living in your happy place, where everything is joyous and everything makes sense to you.

Once you are in that place, meditate, and hold tightly and clearly to the vision you hold for yourself, so clear that you walk, smell and touch everything that you mediate on.

And while doing so feel those overwhelming and strong feelings, let them pass through your veins and into your heart. Let your heart beat so fast with adrenaline that it brings tears to your eyes.

Let the gratitude you have pour out into tears. Let the tears run down your face and soak gently back into your skin.

Just like you create your tears, metaphorically speaking, your thoughts and feelings are much the same. Created by you, they stay with you and come back to you through other encounters in your life.

So meditate, feel, and empower yourself. Never doubt. If you feel any doubt coming on remember that this is coming up for a reason. Doubt is when you are not focusing on what you want. Your not thinking about your ideal future.

Whereas when you are happy, all you think about is being happy and replicating those feelings, so when you are happy, you are on the right path and the more you are happy, the quicker and more likely you will be lead to your ultimate vision.

Just think and visualise. Have faith and trust. And let the mighty universe do the rest.

There really is no need to worry. And there really is no other way.

That’s how I know life truly gets better with age … It’s called the divine plan. The universe only takes you up, just take a look at where you have come from. In some way, shape, or form you have grown, changed or developed, and it is all for the divine plan you have thought about for yourself.

You are the master and you hold the key to your treasure chest so to speak. Life gets better with age because you figure it out.

So stop swimming against the tide and start enjoying it!

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  1. Debbie
    February 2, 2015 / 5:10 am

    Very powerful and exciting read -can the feel the anticipation and happiness of your life xxx

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