{Lets get into shape} Day 3

featured day 3

Here is what I ate on day three of my diet, day three has been the hardest for me, just desperately wanting something sugary. I succeed in not giving in!

Breakfast I made two sausages, two fried eggs, one whole grated avocado, four cherry tomatoes, and one whole beetroot.

day 3 no carbs

Lunch I had mussels, and two lamb chops sprinkled with rosemary, and a selection of roasted vegetables, one celery one carrot, one paper, and two handful of kale, which i sprinkled with mixed herbs.

day 3 lunch

day 3 no carb

Dinner my husband and I shared prawns and olives for a starter, and had a mixed salad, with chicken breast, and roasted butternut.

day 3 dinner

day 3 dinner main

I was really hungry day three, can you tell!


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