Unusual Gifts (to show you really care)

Family life can be a rush. The breakfast craziness, the school run, making it to work with seconds to spare… and then there’s the evenings. Kids don’t get tired. They get faster and louder until they drop down at the end of the day exhausted – which is usually my queue to follow suit.

With a full calendar of children’s birthdays to prepare for, finding the time to seek out unusual and exciting gifts for hubby often gets side-lined. If any of this is ringing true, fear not. Check out the best unusual gifts I’ve found so far for someone who seemingly has everything.

Collectable Coins (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)

Ever heard of a Morgan Dollar? No, me neither. Or perhaps you have. Either way, the fact that discovering a rare Morgan Dollar in your change from a trip to The States can be worth as much as half a million dollars is definitely worth noting. Even some of the easier to find Morgan Dollars are still worth almost $10K to collectors. How do I know this? I caught a documentary, and I have to say, coin collecting seems fun and potentially very profitable! At Golden Eagle Coins, for example, you can find sets of gold coins, individual world coins, ancient coins, and even gold bars. Why not start a collection this year that could prove to be a hit for future birthdays? And keep your eye out for those hidden-in-plain-sight coins that could prove to be your retirement fund.

Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

If your other half has a lot of work to keep up with on the move, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the constant problem of needing to type things like email replies on a small mobile phone screen. You need a laser keyboard. These high-quality little projector gizmos connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The keyboard is projected onto any nearby surface of your choice – the keys even light up and make an authentic clicking sound when tapped. Practical, futuristic, and effortlessly cool.

Wireless Rechargeable Turntable

Sometimes, gift giving should be nothing but sheer fun – especially when buying for that special someone who has everything (novelty gifts are pretty much the only option left!). Music is an open goal when it comes to making someone smile. Musical nostalgia connects us to our past, to our great loves, to our most vivid memories. If you know your partner’s favourite music, surprise them with a wireless rechargeable turntable and a choice of vinyl records. These handy little flip open carry cases have built in speakers and a choice of playing speeds. Starting a vinyl collection is also great for future gift ideas!

Have you got any great gift ideas?

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