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I feel like this year has propelled so many of us forward in so many positive ways, and in the most simplest of forms. I know that some can look at this year as not being so great but actually it has been a profound and transformative year for me and for so many. I have watched so many people come to self realisations and make some huge changes in their lives. It has been lovely to see so many people around me choosing to do what makes them happy and taking the actions to get there.

I was recently sent this beautiful necklace from oNecklace with my initial T, I have not had a personalised necklace before and this sparked the reminder in me to look after myself. Self care is so important and I think this year it has been brought even more so to my attention.

The necklace is so beautiful and dainty, with a little touch of elegance. I love it so much and every time I wear it I know that it will remind me to make sure I am taking care of me. I think we all need this reminder at times.

I thought I could share with you in this post 5 ways in which you can make sure self care is your priority. I think we should all put ourselves first sometimes.

Nourish yourself

Eating good foods is so important to our wellbeing. It affects everything in our day to day life and especially our health. I believe very much that the right food is medicine, and I think if we can be conscious of what we eat we will reap the benefits. Nourishing your body with three meals a day, and making sure to take that time out to consciously prepare something for yourself is basic self care.

Sleep like a queen

Sleep is so important our health. Sometimes I don’t think many of us really know the benefits of sleep. Making sure you are asleep before 10pm and getting in four solid hours once your head hits the pillow can do wonders. From 10pm-2am is when your body does most of its healing.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate

Making sure you are drinking enough water daily is a simple act of self care for your body. It washes away toxins helps clean up your body. I personally don’t enjoy or drink Fizzy drinks, but it is exactly these drinks that are going to fill your body with toxins and you’ll need more pure water to flush that away.

Go with the flow and be gentle

Life can be overwhelming sometimes cant it? It can leave us feeling burnt out, but there is a way to prevent this and even stop it all together. That is to take your time, try not to rush and overcompensate. I find if I am feeling anxious my thoughts go all over the place and in turn so does my energy levels and then my overwhelm. The key is to find balance in your daily life. I think we’d all be less stressed if we tried to go with the flow more. There are so many ways to be gentle with yourself and bring a gentle practice into your self care routine to compliment it.

Find joy in an activity

Finding joy in a much loved activity just for you is so important not only for your mental health but for your wellbeing too. The more we can smile, laugh, or feel happy the better. The more we feel happy and release these feel good endorphins the better for our bodies and minds . Be that through journaling, writing, meditating, yoga practice, or painting. Whatever you choose know that it is so beneficial to you and your wellbeing and can enhance so much for you in your day to day life. Even just 10-20 minutes a day.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, I really enjoyed writing about some simple and easy self care tips for us to work on daily. It is always good to think about and reassess how we go about fulfilling our individual needs. It is something that I think we should all try to work on.


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