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quorn cocktail sausage sticks

Hello Everyone, I am sharing another recipe post with you today, this time its a snack idea perfect for after school or a quick and easy weekend snack.

Sophia and Archie always come home from school wanting a snack. They are always hungry in that time after school and before dinner. I like to have a healthy snack ready for them for after school. Anything that is quick and easy for me to put together for them works great for us.

I came up with this quick and easy snack idea using Quorn Cocktail Sausages and cocktail sticks. I think it worked really well and the children really enjoyed their Quorn cocktail sausage sticks. I also tried them and thought they were really yummy.

quorn cocktail sausage sticks

Archie can tend to be quite fussy with his food, so these work really well because you can add anything to the cocktail sticks along with the Quorn cocktail sausages.

I cut up a variety of other ingredients and served them on a plate, I then let the children pick and choose as to what they would like to add to the cocktail sticks themselves. They really enjoyed making their own cocktail sticks and eating them too. A great way to get them in the kitchen as well and encourage their independence with the foods they eat. I really enjoyed helping them make their own.

I am going to share the recipe here with you and you can alter it to suit your family’s preferences:


Quorn Cocktail Sausages


Mini Cucumbers


Vegan Cheese

A Slice of Bread

Cocktail Sticks

Thats all you will need so really simple ingredients, and really quick to put them all together.


All you need to do is cut up your ingredients into bite sized pieces, butter your bread, cut the crusts off and cut into small pieces. Once everything is cut into bite size pieces pop onto a plate and serve alongside a plate for each child and the cocktail sticks. Then sit with them and help them make their very own Quorn cocktail sausage stick snack.

quorn cocktail sausage sticks

Arthur is only 9 months but also enjoyed watching us make our snack and he enjoyed a quorn cocktail sausage to himself.

quorn cocktail sausage sticks

I have also shared a video on how we went ahead and put our cocktail sticks together. The children really enjoyed themselves. This quick and easy Quorn cocktail sausage snack was a success in our house, I would love to know if you try it or if you have tried Quorn cocktail sausages before.

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