Party Preparation made easy with Bunch O Balloons

*We were kindly gifted the Bunch O Balloons for the purpose of this blog post. But all opinions are honest and my own.

Sophia turned 9 years old a few weeks ago now and we had such a fun time organising her party for her.

She wanted to have a sleepover with a few of her school friends. She had such a lovely time.

When it comes to the party preparation I just wanted everything to be right. I was so pleased when Zuru and Bunch O Balloons got in touch.

The Bunch O Balloons are self sealing, and you are able to inflate 40 balloons at one time in 40 seconds. I thought that was amazing and couldn’t wait to try. If you want to see the balloons getting inflated and how it works head over to my Instagram and on my main page there is a specific highlight for Zuru where you will be able to see this.

The Bunch O balloons took the hassle out of getting party ready and made it really easy for me. I am so impressed with them, self sealing and self inflating. Definitely took the pressure off party preparation for me.

They are available at Smyth Toys nationwide. The kit is also reusable, which is great. The balloons can also be blown up with helium too, and you are supplied with a nozzle for this. Which I loved and I am going to do this with the Bunch O Balloons for the boys birthday Party at the end of the month.

How does the Bunch O Balloons party Pump work?

It really is so simple and works so well. In the Kit you get one pump with 16 Balloons. Each Party Pump Pack comes with 16 party balloons and 1 x Inflatables Adaptor & Fast Fill Hose. Currently £7.49 from Smyth’s toys.

They are fully Reusable and Biodegradable Premium Latex Balloons.

Once the balloons are filled with air using the party pump, they are sealed. You simply use scissors to cut away the tubes and the balloons have ribbons attached to 11 inch party balloons.

You are even able to attach the adapter provided to a helium canister if you want floating balloons instead.

Our Final Thoughts

We absolutely love the Bunch O Balloons and I don’t think I will ever look back at party times.

It takes the hassle out of party preparation and allows you to save time for all the other part preparation. They really are so simple to set up and look so great once they are all displayed.

Thank you so much to Zuru Toys for sending over the Bunch O balloons Sophia had such a lovely party and we cant wait to use them again at the end of the month for her brother’s birthday Party.


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