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Role Models

We were recently asked by the lovely people over at Role Models to partake in one of their courses.

It sounded like something I would love for Sophia so we enrolled her into the Online Resilience course Role Models offer. I am genuinely so pleased with everything she has come away with, the course structure and the communication with myself and the teacher throughout the 6 weeks.

About Role Models

Role models was founded in 2014 with the belief that education is vital to the wellness and potential of every child. Which I couldn’t agree with more.

At Role Models their goal is to inspire our children to become the very best version of themselves.

They provide courses that give children the key skills needed to succeed in our modern world. They go over and above the current curriculum to bring new ways of thinking to our children. Teaching children the fundamental qualities and skills they need to be successful in life not only academically but by believing in themselves and their dreams.

Personally I believe success is knowing that you are good enough as you are, thats the first and most fundamental part of being able to achieve anything in life.

The Resilience Course

The Resilience course that Sophia enrolled in has taught her about her mindset and how having a growth mindset can help her grow and become who she wants to be, and that a fixed mindset will stifle her growth and stop her from trying new things. Children who believe in themselves and their abilities are more likely to have a growth mindset. They understand learning new skills takes time and are less likely to give up on themselves.

These are not skills our children are taught in school as part of a national curriculum and I think these skills are paramount to raising healthy happy children. It is exactly this kind of learning about our minds at a young age that will help our children achieve so much in their lives.

What did the course involve?

Sophia did her course from the comfort of our home, she either sat in her bedroom or at our dinning room table, depending on where she felt she wanted to sit for the hour of her class.

The course was 6 weeks and was a set hour once a week with the same teacher. The classes were done on Zoom and we had no trouble setting it up and using it. Of course just important to have good wifi for this.

In the first class the teacher introduced the two different mindsets, fixed and growth mindset and over the 6 weeks they participated in activities around this, with games and talking about real life experiences where they may have used either a fixed or growth mindset.

Sophia was on the course with four other children all of a similar age to her. It was lovely for her to meet new people and grow in confidence with talking to new people too.

The teacher who took the classes online was called Sam she was super lovely and Sophia adored her, and speaking to her each week. I think that is what also kept her really engaged and enjoying the course, as Sam was so good with all of the children she has such a warm friendly and kind personality. Sophia can be quite shy with new people as I am sure all of us can be and Sam was able to make her feel very comfortable. After a few classes she even started answering questions and speaking a lot more. Sophia thoroughly enjoyed herself on the course.

Sophia has come away with an understanding and an awareness of how her mindset affects what she believes about herself. I’ve noticed a subtle change in her and I am so proud of her and so pleased she had the opportunity to take part in this course. I am really really proud of her.

Every week I would get an email from the course teacher, Sam, to advise on what the children had gone through during their hour class. It’s nice for Sophia to be independent and mostly every lesson she sat on her own to participate. She didn’t need me to be there. So it was a nice way for me to have a run down of everything they had discussed in the class.

I would highly recommend Role Models. Their online course was perfect for us and our routines and meant Sophia could partake from the comfort of our home.

The course started before lockdown so she’s did it once a week after school and she looked forward to it. Because of the timings it also ran into lockdown and actually what a more perfect time to enrol your child in a course with Role Models at this uncertain time. With Role Models they are learning skills to last them a lifetime and help them grow into the best version of themselves.

We found the course hugely beneficial and we feel it is so worth the money.

If you wanted to have a look at Role Models for your little one click here to view their website and their current online courses.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. And I would love to know if you have heard about Role Models before or even enrolled your child or children in one of their courses?

Thank you so much to Role Models for contacting us. Sophia has come away with such invaluable life skills.

Sophia’s comments:

“I really enjoyed the course because it was fun. I got to learn about the different mindsets and I made some new friends. I learnt about a growth mindset and it reminds me to always try my best. If I can’t do something now it doesn’t mean I can’t do it, if I practice and not give up then I can do it.”


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