Happiness for Little People


We were recently sent this lovely book: ‘Happiness for little people’ – written by Megan Gillett and illustrated by Cloe Auneau. We love it so much, I wanted to share it over here on my blog with you all. The author is actually my husbands cousin and I am so happy I get to support her new venture here on my blog with you all. I am so proud she has made such a beautiful book for our little ones.

They also have an Instagram page, Thelittlepeoplebooks so I think this may be the first of many.

I love anything to do with positive thinking, and using affirmations. I also love including my children in this and always try to help them see life positively. This book is exactly what I love to teach my children and having it all written down in set chapters with beautiful illustrations and even space to write your own affirmations, makes it a really special book.

There are a few activities in the book which you can do with your child, which me and Sophia really enjoyed doing together. I am also going to sit with Archie and go through all the activities with him too, as I really think he will benefit from this book too. They are really easy to do just a pencil and paper and you can easily do them together while reading the book. The book is advised for children aged 4-8 and both Sophia and Archie fit into that bracket. I even think the book would be lovely for a 9 or 10 year old. But that is my personal take on it. Sophia will be 9 in October and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

I loved all the chapters in the book but the two I most enjoyed were doing the happy place activity with Sophia. She had to draw her happy place so that whenever she is feeling sad she is able to go there in her mind. She drew her bedroom. Which makes me very happy. I thought it was really sweet. I too remember as a young girl loving my own bedroom. It was a place for me to go and have some space when sometimes life would feel too much.

I also love how the book discusses feelings so naturally. It’s so important that children grow up knowing that all different feelings are normal and its okay to feel a certain feeling. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

There are a few other activities in the book that are just so very lovely to do with your child and actually it gave Sophia such a boost of confidence. It is always nice to give our children food for thought. Ways and ideas to think in a different way.

At the end of the book there are affirmation cards and blank ones for your child to sit and write a few of their own. I loved this and we came up with a few lovely ones for Sophia.

It says in the book, we all deserve to be happy and it couldn’t be more true. I shared it over on my instagram and already a few people have gone and purchased it as a gift for an upcoming birthday, or it would even make a beautiful Christmas present. I know it could also help so many who actually work with children in schools etc. Sophia also took it for show and tell at school and enjoyed showing it to her friends. I love just how much she loved her happiness book.

Thank you so much to Megan and Cloe for sending us this book. It is a really beautiful book and one we will treasure here at home.

‘Happiness for Little People’ is available to purchase at Waterstones and Amazon.


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