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Time goes so fast

‘Time stands still best in moments that look like ordinary everyday life’

Sometimes the everyday moments and the ordinary can feel a little chaotic with three little energy balls running around. Sometimes you can feel like the day to day with three young children will last forever. A blur of early mornings, three little children with fluffy hair ready for their breakfast, a mad rush to get out the door on time for school. And then the preschool run, food shop and home to unpack and clean and tidy, back to school to fetch the children and home again. Dinner and the bedtime routine to only repeat again tomorrow. It can all feel a little relentless at times. Raising children is not easy and it doesn’t come with any sort of manual.

Magic Moments

The ordinary everyday is what I love to photograph it’s what I love to capture. I usually take photos on my phone but you can find more (professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras to take the perfect shot of those everyday moments.

In contrast to the chaos there will be moments of magic. I think it’s the only word to describe it. The Ordinary moments that you can’t quite put into words, moments you can only feel. Moments that you have to catch your breathe, as your sticky new baby is passed onto your chest, their warm wet body curled up on you, their little hands and fingers so delicately moving and slowly trying to open their little eyes. It’s a moment so firmly embedded into my mind, I wont ever forget each of my births.

And then you have the most ordinary day to day moments, when they wake up at the crack of dawn and walk into your room cold little feet and ready for a cuddle. You grab them and pull them close for the biggest morning squeeze you breathe them all in. You kiss their warm little heads and you hold them close, asking time to please stand still for this moment.

Then one morning all of a sudden they stop waking and coming into your bed for a cuddle, they stop asking you to wash them at bath time or brush their hair in the morning before school. It’s these moments that feel like a heavy weight too. Being a mother means to walk everyday with the most fragile heart. Creating life creates a profound space in you for vulnerability and the true meaning of fragility in this life.

I like to remember these humble beginnings and beautiful stories are what we each get to make with our children, our families. This is why I love photos. I love capturing moments of ours. An unfolding of our own story. Moments that belong to us and will belong to only us forever.

In the thick of parenting three young children even though some days may seem relentless, and like they may last forever, they don’t, they grow up and change is inevitable. I feel it more than ever recently. I am holding on to those little moments, watching them as they sleep, their little chests rising and falling, their little eyes so tightly shut, so peaceful. Cosy wrapped up in their blankets.

Capturing the everyday

‘Find joy in the ordinary’

It’s these moments and feelings I want to hold onto, to be able to look back on. What a gift to open that moment and that feeling all over again. Be reminded of the magic it was and still is to raise a life and watch it unfold. That is the beauty of photography. It is why I always say you can never take too many photos. Not ever.

It is so important to document what we can. The everyday are the most priceless memories you’ll ever have. We all capture the milestones the first steps and the first day of school. But I know it will be the everyday moments we will miss the most when they are grown up.

We’ll miss all waking up together in the same house or little toes touching us in bed early hours of the morning, having breakfast together. Been asked to do the zip on their coat or make them a hot chocolate. Snuggling up on the sofa together to watch a family film and tucking them into bed at night. Playing outdoors, capturing their laughter and giggles as they run and play. This is the real magic.

I don’t know where I would be without my camera and my phone to capture memories and moments I don’t every want to forget. So often I will get moments where it feels like time has almost stood still. Watching them laugh and play and enjoy life is probably the most enjoyable part of parenting there is so much I love.

I feel privileged to be their constant source of love and security. I feel lucky I get to watch them grow. I feel like the emotions we experience as a parent are so varying and so intense. I think we all just want to show them the beauty and love that surrounds them always. I want them to always be curious and I will teach them my love for photography and hope they will have a love for capturing their life too. It’s a beautiful task to get wrapped into. Its so creative and brings so much gratitude when looking over what you have captured.

Here are my tips to capture everyday moments in your family

1.Keep your camera out at home

2.Use natural light as much as possible

3.Get in the photos

4.Capture the everyday moments

5.Print and share your photos. I like to share mine here on my blog.

Do you have a love for photography and capturing your everyday family moments?



  1. talesofanaturalspoonie
    March 23, 2020 / 8:50 am

    I often forget to have my phone with me when we are out and about having fun and often regret not taking more snaps of the kids, This has definitely given me the inspiration to photograph them more.

  2. March 23, 2020 / 10:05 am

    So important to capture the everyday moments as well as the milestones and celebrations

  3. rhianwestbury
    March 23, 2020 / 10:23 am

    I don’t know where I’d be without my phone/ camera either as I love capturing memories and photos. And I still print them all as well as I love flipping through them x

  4. ChelseaMamma
    March 23, 2020 / 11:04 am

    I would be lost without my camera and phone and always take oodles of pictures, many of which I share on instagram or the blog

  5. March 24, 2020 / 8:08 pm

    I love the find joy in the everyday philosophy. I try and take as many photos are possible. It can all just whizz by in a blur.

  6. March 24, 2020 / 8:13 pm

    Oh I love this . I would be completely lost without my camera and phone . So many me dories I have captured and look back now on and smile every day

  7. March 25, 2020 / 11:51 am

    I always bring my phone with me for photos 🙂 I also love to take a camera sometimes to get a proper good quality shot in case i know we’re doing something interesting or fun!

  8. March 26, 2020 / 1:30 pm

    Great photos, I love my big camera, I don’t know what I’d do without it. My phone just isn’t the same!

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