AD | How I am embracing Autumn Winter with Protest

I am one of those people who thoroughly enjoys embracing each season we go into. Winter’s can be long here in the UK but If we can get a few things ready to make our  winter months more cosy and inviting, I think we’ll have ourselves covered for such a lovely winter. 

Here is my list of five things that help me embrace the colder winter months … 

1.Get yourself the perfect Winter jacket

I found mine and I am in love. 

This winter I decided to go for this beautiful khaki woman’s ski jacket from Protest along with this beautiful white fleece, perfect for our cold winter walks here in the beautiful countryside. I am genuinely always so impressed with Protest, the quality of their products are always spot on. 

I am a stickler for a new coat as well, I have far too many but each for a different occasion. You can never have too many coats. Am I right? 

Protest also have an array of ski trousers and ski jackets for woman to choose from and some really lovely designs. I love browsing their website and always find something I love. 

2.Cosy warm fires 

There is nothing better than a cosy fire in the winter months. Nothing excites me and my husband more than ordering in our logs for the winter months. There is something so comforting about having an open fire and log burner on in the house during the colder months. It is so lovely for the children to wake up to.

3.Fairy lights, candles and aromatherapy

I love fairy lights and cosy lite up rooms in our home either using candles or my aromatherapy diffuser.

This year I really want to put some fairy lights up in our tree in our garden. Anything that makes the evenings feel more cosy I am here for.

4.Get outside no matter the weather 

Hibernating is such a tempting habit in the winter months, however you can benefit so much by getting out for a daily walk and blowing the cobwebs away.

It is so good for our general health and well-being. Even when the sun has gone for the winter our minds and bodies can reap all the benefits of an outdoor walk. Being in nature completely lifts the spirits just breathing in the fresh cold air feels so good, especially if you are wrapped up in warm winter gear there will be nothing stopping from going on a lovely winter walk. My personal favourite thing to do is to take a flask of my favourite hot drink along with me. 

5.Autumn and winter is a time to plant your seeds for the following summer.

Days might be shorter and we might see friends and family less during the winter months, however it is a time to embrace the opposite. The time alone, the time to rest, time to embrace our beautiful homes and enjoy the comfort of shelter and warmth that we are lucky to have.

Prepare you body and mind for the following summer. It’s a time to invest in different activities for example writing, or yoga practice in doors on your bedroom in the early mornings. There is so much to appreciate about this time. Life is all about balance and embracing the seasons individually for what they are. I love doing this and thinking up ways to enjoy each season the way that works for me. 

Sometime soon I will be buying my autumn latte supporting a local coffee shop, hopefully something like a toffee nut latte, and i’ll sip it, indulge in it and appreciate every sip. I will use the coming season as a time to plant my seeds and embrace my home comforts. I cannot wait. 

I have also been given a coupon code for my loverly readers. If you would like to purchase anything from the Protest website please use this 10% coupon: motherhood10. This coupon is valid until February 28, 2021. There are no further restrictions on the use of this coupon.


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