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Autumn is here, and I am enjoying getting all my cosy knitwear, chunky boots and big coats out. I love the change of season and dressing for the weather. I love cold autumnal walks lots of hot drinks and embracing the new season. Autumn walks are made even lovelier if you are dressed warm and cosy. I tend to feel the cold really easily so I like to make sure I am dressed for the colder weather, that way I can really enjoy being outdoors without feeling too chilly.

I wanted to share with you five wardrobe essentials for autumn. What I make sure I have in my wardrobe to enjoy the colder season. Are you enjoying the colder weather? I am very much a summer girl but enjoying all the seasons is key to a happy year especially here in wales we have a lot of rain and the winter’s are cold here I am told. This will be our first winter living here.

One way I enjoy the colder months is finding joy in what I wear and how I dress. There are so many ways to lift your mood in the colder months and if fashion and clothing lifts your mood, keep at it.

My five autumn wardrobe essentials for autumn:

Longline Knit Jumper

This is such a cosy piece to keep in your wardrobe and could see you into spring and for colder summer evenings too. It’s lovely to wear at home and wrap you up on the school run. The one I am wearing is from Katchme and I love the camel colour. I love neutrals and this will go with a lot of other items in my wardrobe.

Chunky Boots

Probably my favourite part about the colder months is wearing a good pair of boots. There are so many styles out at the moment and I am in love with the chunky boot look. I really like it and think chunky boots go so well with most outfits.

Oversized checkered shirt

I love a checkered shirt for the colder months. It’s such a great item to style and again can see you through to spring, and potentially use all year round on a colder day in summer. I picked this one up oversized purposefully. I like that I can do a few different things with just the one shirt and even wear a jumper over the top and have the shirt pocking out under the jumper and having the collar on show.

A pair of Jeans

You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans for the colder months. I love jeans I actually think I wear them too much, but they just look so good with mostly anything and I wear them all year round. I definitely would say I am a jeans girl.

Roll neck

One of my favourite pieces to wear in the colder months has to go be a roll neck with an oversized coat. I just love roll necks not only do they keep your chest and neck warm I think they look really sophisticated. Definitely a key piece for any wardrobe.

The autumn wardrobe essentials I have listed above are all perfect for a school run and coffee date but also great to dress up with some make up and cute accessories.

I adore this checkered shirt, I have already worn it so much. I got it oversized purposefully as I want to use it as a casual piece for everyday wear. I think this would look so nice with a denim jacket. Which I am definitely going to try this weekend, either with some white trainers or my chunky boots.

I hope you enjoyed reading through my autumn wardrobe essentials. I am really late to it but I am in need of taking out all my summer clothes and vacuum packing them all for next summer and to make room for all my winter bits. That definitely is the next job on my list. I hope you are all enjoying the autumn so far. The colours everywhere are just so beautiful. Our autumnal walks are my absolute favourite at the moment.

This is a picture I shared on instagram wearing the chunky boots with some black shorts. I love how they look with the shorts. Just thought I’d share so you can see what they look like on bare legs.

Here is a picture I shared on instagram with the longline cardigan on, you can see its length well here.


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  1. Debbie Reid
    October 29, 2020 / 5:38 pm

    Beautiful photo’s of you darling xxx

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