{The Ordinary Moment 15} #26 On Sunday

on sundayOur ordinary moment went something like this. I was sitting on the sofa, just before the children’s bedtime and I saw them sitting angelically in front of me. Sophia so warmly had her hand around A, and was holding him close. I couldn’t help but feel so happy for the both of them and so happy for my husband and I too.

I just want to remember the beauty of this moment for eternity. The realisation that I have two loving children, not one but two, they adore each other, I want to remember this, how S lets A follow her everywhere, she shares all her most special toys with him, most of the time. And thinks it is the most special thing in the world to have her little brother up on top of her bunk bed while mummy or daddy watch. Of course she doesn’t realise how very excited this makes A and how much this means to him.

This photo I took on Sunday evening after dinner. I had made everyone Chicken thighs, steamed broccoli, roasted sweet potato with little nibbles, like olives and cous-cous, I also made some Falafel’s. They are my absolute favourite. We did the bedtime routine a bit differently, we bathed the children first and then had dinner. We usually do this the other way around. It was lovely this way actually because straight after dinner, it been just after six we came into the lounge to watch some telly before bed. The children had a few treats, consisting of cupcakes and crisps… I guess I better tell you about our treat basket…

We have this little basket, its called the ‘treat basket’ that we keep on top of the fridge in the kitchen, it is always full of goodies, whether it be healthy treats or really not so good ones. But either way the children know this box very well, its their little thing, especially A’s, to grab one of my fingers usually my index finger, and tell me ‘momon’ (common) he takes me to the fridge, does his waddle which is just like the penguin from Happy Feet and giggles. He holds his hands together by his stomach, half pointing and saying ‘peas’ and half waiting to see if I say yes. I mostly always say yes, because sometimes, if he is not too tired I can persuade him to choose a healthier version, like some raisins, so that is always a win for me!

After dinner he grabbed my finger and told me ‘momon mumee’ and we waddled off to the kitchen fridge together, S running ahead of us hoping to pick first, which she always does, because she is just faster and quicker than her brother. They had their treats and then it was off to bed.

One thing I tend to take for granted is that my husband helps me put both children to sleep. He lays with S and I with A. this is so helpful for me because I can’t lie in both of their beds at the same time. I think sometimes it does drive him a bit nuts, as he is only a normal man right!? But, for the majority of the time, he loves it. Just today actually while I write this I received a text from him telling me how much he wants to be involved in the children’s bedtime even if he does moan about it sometimes, he adores the cuddles from his children and when he manages to be driven a bit nutty by it all he realises its only because he is feeling a bit stressed. Which is completely normal and I love him just for admitting that.

When we put the kids to bed last Sunday just after 7pm, it was so very unusual, S didn’t cry, she usually does, and A, well he didn’t go to sleep, I think I gave him his nap far too late in the afternoon and he wasn’t ready to go back to sleep come 7 o’clock, so we kept him up and the three of us shared a cheeseboard. Daniel and I had some port we watched a bit of telly and just after 8 I put A to sleep and Daniel and I sat down to watch ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ well Daniel did and I sat on my MAC and wrote some of my Britmums Live post.

It was a great Sunday, especially lovely to be home after been away in London for the whole of Friday and Saturday. I still am feeling so energised and full of inspiration from the conference.

This photo I took on Sunday evening, been back with the family, the usual muddling along, odd jobs around the house, cooking dinner and lunch, and being together really showed me how very special my little ones are and how very lucky they are to have each other. And how lucky we all are really. I watch their bond grow stronger everyday and it is a beautiful thing to watch. It really is.

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  1. July 4, 2015 / 8:17 pm

    It sounds like a lovely Sunday and that photo is adorable. We have a similar thing, we have a treat drawer which sounds exactly the same as yours, a mixture of healthy,not so healthy and really unhealthy! Normally mine always want the really unhealthy. I love Falafel too it’s my favourite thing. This is a lovely post and I feel the same way about my family. You write so beautifully. And it was SO lovely meeting you at BritMums. x

    • Tanita
      July 5, 2015 / 7:43 pm

      Yes falafels are great!! I love them too. And yes you have to have treat basket, its the very best part of any childhood :)!! Aw it was so lovely to meet you, I am so pleased you decided to stop by before you holiday. xx

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