My little Archie is not so little anymore

My ArchieMy little Archie is not so little anymore, although in my eyes he is still my little baby, his mannerisms and how he eats his food, suckles at my breast, enjoys music and dances like the penguin from ‘Happy Feet’ confirms to me just that, he is still a baby. Even more so when I glance up at my four and half year old little lady, so elegantly tall, yet so very silly, I have this image of her prancing around the room waving her hands and kicking her legs out singing some sort of gibberish, trying to make me laugh.

Its never dull with my two, is never quiet, and I am always exhausted come 7pm in the evening. But ask me if I would change anything, and the answer would of course be no, because I love this life, I love been so tired I can barely keep my eyes open any longer, I love going to sleep with the warmest feeling in my heart, just knowing I share my life with two precious children. I love waking up to both of them, sitting quietly with our tea, and cuddling on the sofa to repetitive children’s telly, I love that I can barely get both of my shoes on before the children are at the door and Sophia is trying to let Archie out the house. I love that when I try and do my make-up in the morning I have two little helpers, one who eats my brushes, and one who steals my lipsticks. I love just about all the things that drive me insane in the moment. But I sit here, writing, and thinking about those ‘moments’ and actually they are the best moments, they are the moments that come with the title.

So I think this post was supposed to be about Archie! He is now 17 months old and thriving. He had a very difficult few months (since September to recently) suffering with recurrent ear infections, we have now discovered he has glue ear. So my poor little one has not had it easy to say the least, and actually neither have I still suffering many sleepless nights with him, now and then.

Apart from this he is very much a normal and happy little boy. He melts my heart everyday, just being alive. I forgot how lovely it is to have your toddler at home with you everyday, it brings back all sorts of feelings when I had Sophia at home, most of all the freedom, but then of course the standard things that come with staying at home with a toddler, waking up with a bed head, walking to the sofa like a zombie, half awake at 5am in the morning, tea in hand and one eye open to watch the bouncy crazy very energetic toddler who wants your attention at this ungodly hour!

not so littleAlthough some days can get on top of me, I know that I will think fondly of my time at home with him because no matter what I have to deal with, I am right where I need to be for my little boy. That makes me happy, he trusts me, he is secure in knowing I am by his side, I offer him the support and guidance his little growing mind so needs, and I can have him joined to my hip all day everyday if he wants to be. I am glad I can give him these feelings of love and security so early on and in abundance. He deserves it, and to be honest it makes me the happiest mum alive to be able to have this little dude right next to me each and every moment that I can. Juggling a degree sometimes he does have to go to someone else for hours at a time, but these people are his family, his aunty, and his granny, and they too provide him with the security and the love he longs for to grow and to flourish. I owe so much to the people close to me for helping me on this journey and to graduating, which is actually just a couple months away.



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