Musings on a Tuesday morning

Today I got up with Archie at 7.12 am. Last night was the first night I didn’t breastfeed him from 6pm till 3.40 am, there were lots of tears, but that was expected. I want to try and night
wean him because he is not sleeping enough, and hasn’t since he was born due to constant waking’s for breast milk, and I am shattered, so is my husband for that matter. So we all need a bit of rest.  He is currently napping now. I lay next to him, and he fell off asleep very quickly. I love him to bits, even though he can be hard work. Is it just me or are 1 year olds a little hard work? I am sure Sophia went through this too. It is just their sleep, it seems, I have history repeating itself on me with my second child who struggles to fall asleep and wants constant cuddles and care just like my daughter. I am okay with this and I know it is normal. But what I don’t understand is how do some babies sleep through the night so easily?

Aside from consistent waking’s in the night which we are trying to alter for the better, for us all, Archie is a good sleeper, once asleep he will stay asleep for a good 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes he can get himself back to sleep, I hear a little moan and he is back asleep. And when you place him down and he is still a little awake with his eyes closed he will go to sleep. I remember with my daughter putting her down was the hardest because she would always wake almost immediately.

After I recuperated from last night with a coffee this morning, I dressed the kids and had breakfast. And we took a lovely walk to preschool, because the weather was finally on our side! Thank goodness no rain, its being raining all week. Sophia was happy we got to walk, and she wore her lovely knitted cowl which a friend of mine bought over from America. I have found the patterns to purchase here if you are interested. I think she looks so so cute with her little cowl on. She loves it too. She had all the teachers at preschool asking her all about her wonderful cowl, I think she felt very proud!





I hope you have a great day

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  1. November 25, 2014 / 2:39 pm

    such a lovely girl! 🙂

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