Back to Preschool, Hallelujah!

For some the start of a new school year can be very stressful, but I have come up with some reasons why, in my house it is welcomed.

Firstly and most importantly going to school encourages routine and structure for the kids and I.

My son has been terribly hard work over the summer holidays. I thought it was just him with transitioning into sleep regression and dealing with separation anxiety. He went from a wonderfully behaved baby, to a cranky miserable, teething 9 month old.

However, since my daughter returned to preschool 2 days ago, I have a new son. The old one is back! The cute, cheerful, smiley, love to sleep little boy I always knew he was.

After some hellish days and nights I can finally take a huge sigh of relief because the house is once again quiet and peaceful, no loud singing, shouting, noisy toys, or clanging and banging from Sophia.

Not only has my son benefited but so has my daughter. After 6 weeks together full time doing everything together washing, brushing teeth, eating, sleeping, and playing together, I think she takes this a welcomed break from me to be honest.

She is more polite, better behaved and has even been sleeping 13-14 hours at night. Not only is she worn out from her days back at preschool but she is catching up on the well needed sleep she didn’t have over the holidays.

All in all, for the four of us, my husband included, it is a win: win situation for us all; a happier, routine friendly, calmer household, for us all to enjoy.

So saying that the last two days with Archie has been bliss here he is at his best!



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