Archie’s Haircut

Archie Haircut 3

Yesterday we had Archie’s Haircut. Archie didn’t really need a cut, but as soon as he saw his dad sit down he said “cut, cut” and started rubbing his head. It was so cute  we decided to let him have a cut. It was the first time he has had his hair shaved and properly cut. A few months ago my hairdresser trimmed his long baby hair behind his ears, but that was all. So yesterday was the first time he had really sat on a chair and had a barber get the clippers on him.

He looked at me so relaxed, he was very calm and happy. Only once through the whole experience did he look at me and scrunch his face up and say “sore” and point with his little stumpy finger to the back of his head. I gave him a big kiss, I don’t think it really hurt as he had no mark. But mummy made it better whatever upset him. He did so well. And I can’t believe how big he is getting. It was lovely to watch him, I just wanted to eat him, I probably kissed him about 7 times or more, because his little facial expression were just too much to bare.

Before: Archie Haircut


After:Archie Haircut2

Sophia bought herself a new pair of shoes from H&M, one of my favourite shops for the children. Actually her whole outfit and even her bag is from H&M. I love her new shoes, they are so bright and summery, I can’t wait for her to wear them in the sun. Here she is willingly posing for a photo in them, just before we had dinner at Wagamama’s.

Sophia cutie


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  1. July 13, 2015 / 9:35 pm

    How grown up does he look?! Gorgeous! x

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