{#4 What Archie Wore Today} Too Cool For School

outfit H&MHello and welcome to the fourth and final outfit post of ‘What Archie Wore Today’ series. You can have a look at the previous posts if you would like: Post #1 | Post #2 | Post #3 |

Our day started wonderfully. The children played while I cleaned the house, Archie was up at 6am so I put him for a nap around 10.30am. I woke him at 12 to drop Sophia at preschool. When we came home we spent some quality time together reading books, one of his most favourite things to do, I chased him around the house, we played ball and he spent most of the time laughing.

This age, 19 months old is one of my favourite ages. It’s beautiful watching your child blossom.

It’s wonderful to see that he is spreading his wings and living life. He is always happy and it is beautiful seeing him alive and well. Living life as he does. I am so grateful for him and his cheeky ways.

After fetching Sophia at 3 from preschool we came home and the children had a bath. Sophia wanted to start getting herself ready for dinner. As we were going to Wagamama’s.

We all got dressed and while we waited for daddy to come home I cleaned up a bit more. As with two little ones a clean house doesn’t say clean for long at all!

Here is Archie’s Outfit:


Outfit H&M

Hat from H&M | White shirt from Primark | Jeans from H&M | Adidas Trainers from Sports direct |

outfit shoes

outfit H&M

outfit h&m

outfit 5

outfit 4

outfit 3

outfit 2


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  1. Debbie
    July 24, 2015 / 10:45 pm

    Catching up with your posts. I just love the last photo of Archie, such a captivating smile- his adorable personality just shines through. Xxx

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