You my daughter


I look at this photo I took of you my daughter, Phia today and I am in awe of the beauty and perfection that radiates from her. I don’t often get a chance to cuddle up to her during the day, as she is so busy running around enjoying life. She is nearly five and right now the world of play and her friends are so very important to her during her waking hours I don’t get a chance to steal her into my arms much anymore. But I appreciate that and I understand that I am so lucky that she is independent, that she is sociable, that she enjoys the outdoors so much, as much as she enjoys eating sweets! So its in the moments that happen in seconds right before my eyes, so quickly, that I am reminded and actually I am forced by the sheer love I have for her to feel my heart strings been pulled tighter, my chest close in a little, that familiar lump in my throat appears, and the tiny sting in my eye I get when I am about to cry. It is the feelings she ignites in me that clarify what an angel she really is. To me she is my angel and I couldn’t have been given a better angel to teach me all that she has taught me so far. I am forever grateful.

Now I know we all love our children and would go to the ends of the earth for them, and to me that is the most beautiful form of love to ever exist on this planet. To love someone so much you would give your whole life for them, to love someone so much you would take away any ounce of pain they ever experienced, give them everything and let yourself go without. That is-mind blowing. How beautiful it is to love a child, to love your child is a gift you have been bestowed.

Now, I know that Phia is four, she is a happy, content, loveable, independent, spirited, and caring little girl, one I am proud to mother. She has no idea now how much happiness she lights up inside of me, that she makes my heart sing with her beautiful laugh, she makes me cry with the kind words and love she shows us all, the way she sleeps so peacefully, how gentle she guides her little brother through his life so far, how she is right now the daughter I could only have dreamt of.

She doesn’t know any of this now, but she will. What she does know now is that I love her; I love her to the ends of the earth. My love for her is so deep; it is rooted within her heart like the thick strong roots of a giant sequoia tree. The roots of my love are so deep they run through her very veins, my love for her lifts her up when she is down, cradles her tightly when she is scared and catches her quickly when she is hurt. The roots of my love offer her the protection she needs and the love she so needs to develop and love who she is as deeply as I love her. It is this love that is going to make her. It is going to guide her when she is lost and lead her not into temptation but deliver her from evil for my love for her is the power and the glory that will last forever and ever inside of her.

It is in the feelings I experience from this photo of Sophia that I am reminded about the special woman that brought me up, the woman who loved me so much I became me. It is because of the everyday cuddles, the everyday “I love you my angel” the everyday “you are so beautiful my baby” the everyday that I felt the pure, and sacred love of my mother. The woman I owe so much to. So thank you mum for building me up, and thank you mum for teaching me to build my very own little girl up, so that she too can be all that she is meant to be. I owe you so much mum and the love you give me is so deeply rooted in my heart too, just like the roots of a giant sequoia tree.

Super Busy Mum



  1. Debbie
    May 26, 2015 / 9:16 pm

    You take my breath away, thank you for affirming our lives, our love and more for becoming the person that you are and continue growing to be…I too am so very very proud of you, a journey that you have progressed, growing yourself spiritually and emotionally-sharing and giving of yourself. To ‘ YOU’. All my love Mum xxx

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