{Today} Something to think about

Honestly, I’m so pleased to say that today was a great day.

If you really want to know why today was so good, read my last post. It had everything to do with my degree and having only one day left to finish it, and having both kids full time. I had no idea where I would create some spare time.

I write this post to say I did it! I came up with something. Hooray me.

When Archie napped I put a film on for Sophia and I had an hour to go over and correct my assignment before submitting it today, albeit 30 minutes after the deadline. Hallelujah. When I submitted it I swear I heard angels sing. That heavy, smelly, green monster finally left my shoulder, and I could really breathe the fresh air and smell the sweet smell of success in all it’s senses. Completion, relief, happiness, calmness, serenity and pure blissfulness.

The first thing I did was hug the hell out of my sweet little film watcher next to me for been so good. She was so quite and well behaved, I really could not ask for a more perfect little girl. She really is wise and so grown up beyond her years. 4 going on 14 if you ask me. She understands everything so deeply and she is so sensitive to life around her.

The rest of the day consisted of lots of play and lots of cleaning on my behalf.

Later, I drove to my in laws house, we were going for dinner. I had one of those drives where everything I thought about made me so overwhelmingly happy, that even the tiny little blonde hairs on my arms stood on edge. Energy buzzed through me that was so fierce and forceful I couldn’t help but feel vibrated by it and somewhat moved by the strength.

I sat there, changing gears and steering the car, and thoughts of realisation and power came to mind.

I don’t think enough people know how really and truly powerful we are. We actually have what you might refer to as ‘magic’, brewing in the very depths of our beings waiting to be used, and artistically painted as it were into our lives.

Creation is a beautiful thing and you don’t have to just create paintings. You can create life with your heart you can create happiness with a thought and you can create mindfulness by just paying attention.

So why can’t you create your life exactly as you want it? Well you can.

In my world I contribute imaginatively to what I see and what I act on. I try and make it the good things, the great laughs, the success, the abundance. Not only for myself but for everyone. Cause how lonely would the world be with just me!

And if your reading this keep doing what your doing. You are co-creating one hell of a fantastic future for us all. Always keep moving forward: ‘you can have it all, just not all at once’ – Oprah Winfrey. This is the first quote that creeps into my mind in times of doubt. It is true for so many things in life. You have to start somewhere. And the journey is usually the best part. So enjoy it, you’ll look back in hindsight with only your happy eyes.


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  1. Debbie
    January 16, 2015 / 5:56 am

    You are truly inspiring – your post reminds me what positive thoughts and energy do not just for ourselves but all with whom we live and love xxx

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