My day in review

My day in review

You know you get those days, when you want to be terribly happy, but you have this overwhelming feeling of anxiety and worry. Negative thoughts come and go, you can’t settle, you tell yourself you can’t do this, what are you doing this for? What’s the point? You’re never going to get everything finished. It’s just not possible.

I had that kind of day.

I had to remind myself to hang on a minute. Hello! You’re here in the thick of it, with a million things to do and get done. You can do it! Look how far you have come already. You have done so much. You have worked so hard to be where you are today. And it is only a matter of time until you see the benefits manifest in your life. It’s coming, and it’s going to be big.

Sometimes, not only can you be your own worst enemy and critique, but also your own voice of reason and reassurance.

No matter what it is we all have to contend with in our lives, we all have commitments, and it’s bloody hard at the best of times, keeping up with everything, it  isn’t always as easy as one would like. There is always so much to keep on top of as a mum. Working mums, stay at home mums, we are all the same, and we all have life that needs to be worked at. Like cleaning, taking care of the kids, cooking meals, for me it’s also keeping on top of my studies, and writing assignments, which consist of effort on my part and a lot of self-commitment and motivation. On top of this I have my blog. But it is more than just a blog. It is a creative outlet and a sort of escape for me. Something I really enjoy and I can really express myself.

Its days like these when I really appreciate my blog, because I can come on here either vent or do a totally positive and upbeat post about everything I am grateful for, and it refills my glass so to speak.

Of course I don’t share everything, I don’t know if I would ever have enough time to share everything in my life on this blog, or if I would even want to. But I try and share as much as I can, working around our daily lives, I like to write about things other woman/mums can relate to and things that I enjoy writing and talking about.

My present is what I am most concerned about. Today is today for a reason. So I try and live for today. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. To me the only real time that matters is today. And of course by living in today I get to capture and make all these wonderful memories and thoughts for my children.  Now that is something that makes me very happy, even when I have a day like today.


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