Sophia was recently sent this beautiful dress from Roco Clothing. It is from the exclusive Paisley of London collection. She absolutely loved posing for these photos and getting all dressed up to try on her dress. In fact she has been asking me for weeks but of course life with a newborn makes things a little slower to attempt until some sort of routine is established. The shoes match perfectly with the dress and have a beautiful pearl detail and… View Post

I have always rather loved shoes, and since I was a little girl would always opt to buy new pair of shoes rather then a new outfit. I think shoes say a lot about a person. I do love shoes and before my lovely children I had many pairs. But of course I have many different things to spend my money on these days other then shoes. So when I do spend my money on a new pair of shoes… View Post

For the last few weeks Archie has happily been putting these Podiumax Durable Pop Up Football Goals to the test. We have never played football so much, in fact I have never played football so much. First Impressions When it arrived I was a little bit shocked that the large goals were stored in such a small package. But once I opened them and popped them up in the garden I was very impressed with their size and feel. They… View Post

It’s been a really lovely and ordinary half term for us. The weather has been brilliant which has allowed us to do whatever we liked. We spent time at home, with friends and out and it’s been a really varied and fun week for us. I miss Sophia so much when she is at school and it becomes more apparent when she is home how much I have missed her and how I enjoy having her with us everyday. It is… View Post

Since becoming a mum to Sophia and then to Archie my style and dress sense has seriously rocketed (down hill that is). I honestly struggle with my style sometimes and that is no secret. Gone are those days of glamour for me with two young children ( Although I would have never classed myself as glamorous) I have always being safe with my clothes. I have always picked comfort and casual over high fashion and glamour. But even more so since… View Post