“Love is a promise; love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.” ~ John Lennon Happy Valentines Day! Here we are, another year another Valentines Day. I really love Valentines day for many reasons. One of the reasons being it was this day five years ago my husband proposed to me at our favourite place. I wont ever forget that day. I still don’t know how he pulled it off without me being aware at all.… View Post

We were recently invited to enjoy a family meal at Wagamama’s at Intu Lakeside. Anyone who knows us as a family knows how much we love Wagamama’s. We are so grateful for the opportunity and excited to review a restaurant that we love and visit regularly. We are also very lucky that both the children enjoy eating here. We have taken them both from a very young age. Their most favourite meal is cod cubes although Archie also absolutely loves the noodles.… View Post

Hello Everyone and welcome to recipe post #4, today I am sharing a Healthy Homemade Dinner. This is the last post in the recipe series on my blog… for now. I still plan on doing recipe updates but not every week. If you would like to see my previous posts you can have a look here: Post #1 | Post #2 | Post #3. Recipe Inspiration: I was actually having a look on my Instagram feed and came across a… View Post

So I absolutely love food, and judging from my blog you probably didn’t know that. I especially love easy homemade recipes that don’t take too long are full of fresh wholesome natural and from the earth food. I thought I would start a series on my blog and commit to the next 4 weeks. Posting one recipe a week. This will be my first one, on how to make bite size chocolate balls. I hope you enjoy seeing a little… View Post

So I am on day two of my diet, I feel fine, the day has gone well, I have given Archie two bananas today and the smell makes me want to eat one, I love bananas, but I haven’t given in. Another day down! Here is what I had for breakfast Lunch we went to the lovely Finch House, the children had a sandwich and I thought I would try this salad. and a black filter coffee. Dinner I made… View Post