GET SPOOKED IN BROMLEY THIS OCTOBER AS TOWN CENTRE CELEBRATES HALLOWEEN  21st – 28th OCTOBER Halloween is just around the corner and I have lined up a few fun things for the children to do. they also have a very fun Spooky Party to attend with their school friends which they are both looking forward to. Will you be celebrating Halloween this year? If so there is a Spooky celebration taking place in Bromley Town Centre starting from the 21st… View Post

When I was pregnant with my second child Archie I suffered terribly with back pain and it seemed to spread all over my body causing pelvic girdle pain as well as sciatica down my right leg. It was really difficult in the last weeks of my pregnancy and the days almost seemed to drag by because of the constant pain. I really had no idea how to help myself then and only had some physiotherapy which helped a little but… View Post

As I child I didn’t have the luxury of a cold wintery Christmas. Not until I came to England at ten years old. I was used to a summer Christmas usually spent on the beach probably with a bbq too. In all honesty Christmas didn’t really become special to me until I moved to England. It really is a little bit of a luxury for me to enjoy what I like to call a ‘real’ Christmas with my children, so… View Post

Our living room is very ordinary and actually feels slightly old fashioned to me what with our brown sort of colour scheme. It was the first room we stripped out and redecorated before we moved in and we wanted to get it done as soon as possible so that we could move in and enjoy our new home. Everything like paint and carpets were brought within the week, If I remember rightly this carpet was an off cut. So not… View Post

“You are my Sun. My moon and all of my stars” – E.E.Cummings Sometimes life can be a really crazy place. Sometimes it can be still and peaceful. But in thick of it we can forget whats most important, we can forget to be grateful for the everyday. Its busy, running the children from one thing to another, school to clubs, swimming to drama. Homework, bath, eat, book, bed. But in-between all these daily tasks there are moments of quiet.… View Post