Life with two kids under 3

Sophia and Archie are the best of friends. They have worked out a good partnership, Archie moans and Sophia does everything she can to give him what he wants. He has her wrapped around his little finger! They love each other very much.

I couldn’t be happier that my kids have established a good relationship and there is no jealousy or nastiness. They do everything together, eat, play and bath.

Life with two children

Life with two kids under three

When we are out we with family or friends we will have moments when I am blown away at how well behaved my kids are, how much I love them and I feel so lucky to be their mum. Me and dan will look at each other and think wow we really are succeeding at this parenting lark!

But then we will get home and both kids will be furiously screaming and Sophia won’t eat her dinner, she will lie on the floor and kick her legs, scream at the top of her lungs. Me and dan look at each other and think wow we really are failing at this parenting lark!

Sometimes I honestly feel a total mess and that I am the only one experiencing these highs and lows of parenting! Does is get any easier? I am told it will, but when?

I love my kids and I love being their mum, but sometimes having two under 3 is hard, busy, non stop, stressful, demanding, 24/7, kind of work.

I wish it was all, peaceful, calm, happy, joyful, round the mulberry bush, twinkle little star, kind of work all the time.

I am curious how other parents handle the not so glamorous moments of having two children under 3.


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