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So it was my lovely Sophia’s first day back to preschool today. It will indeed be her first day back of her last year at preschool. Starting big school in September 2015 and I still can’t believe it is that time already.

I remember when she was born thinking, wow, I am going to watch this little girl grow up and start big school. I think one of the most important and life changing milestones in a 4 year old’s life. Fact is, school changes you, you adapt and learn from the peers around you. Which is why choosing the right school is so important, and I can’t believe in October, in less than a month, I will be going to open days, to decide where to send my little girl. Who is growing so very quickly.

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So she only went in for three hours today, but when I picked her up she said:
‘Mummy your late, you took ages’
After six weeks off I think three hours must have dragged by and not only that but a very big factor is that all her friends have left and gone to big school. She is born in October so will be one of the oldest in her year. She now has to deal with being the only big girl left and patiently waiting till she can start school next year.
This next year is going to fly by, it is also the final year of my degree. So this year is going to be extra speedy.
At least I can sit back and be grateful I have another year with my little girl at home. And enjoy every last moment of having her around. I almost feel like I miss her already.


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