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In my mind everything is inspiring. Many things, familiar things, art, people, the list can go on.

Lately and for the last six years someone in particular has been inspiring me beyond my wildest dreams. I am very lucky indeed to live with this person and share many of my life’s treasures; my two children.

My husband has being inspiring me from the day I met him.  As we have grown as a couple over these years, our love, our bond and our affection have grown tenfold. I couldn’t be more grateful for the person I share my life with; he truly is my soul mate. I believe this, our souls have connected we share the same expectations, dreams and what we want out of this life.

Ultimately anyone can inspire somebody but how shows the depth of the inspiration. My husband is everything to me, his whole being inspires me, his determination, his grounded and real take on life, his no frills approach. He is everything I need and want in a life partner. I am aware of how lucky I am, our connection is so deep it goes beyond love, it’s incredible I never thought I would feel this way about another person let alone find him, and spend my life in continuous joy. In many ways we are extremely different, we are both deep thinkers, but in different ways, I am an extremely spiritual thinker, my thoughts are all spiritual and philosophical, making and living the best life you can. Daniel is extremely rational, the reality of any situation comes above any imagined or spiritual truth there may be. His outlook on life inspires me, it’s nice to have different views, you come together and collide, making values and views that are a correlation of you both. We complement each other’s strong points and make the best out of each other’s weaknesses. He provides me with the up most security and trust, our relationship is truly built on this security we both provide each other with. Most importantly our love for each other and dedication to our family, our two beautiful children, provides us both with a fulfillment we could never have dreamed of.

One thing in particular about him has brought me to write this post; his love for sport. I know it is not as important as everything else I have listed about him, but it’s important because it makes him part of who he is. I like to say I enjoy being active, but I will freely admit I am quite lazy. He has been entering and competing in many triathlons and marathons for a fair few years now, and after two kids and recovering from childbirth I am not only ready to jump on his bandwagon but fully take it on with my small and weak physique.

Not only am I truly blessed to have a man who shows me the ways to happiness in his everyday actions. What I have learnt from him is that I need to do things for me every once in a while. We also need to spend more time together as a couple, at any opportunity we get, so we do, he loves running and I love being with him, so we go together, get a babysitter, solution found. Even with two kids you can do what you want in life. It is truly achievable, as well as being 100% there for your kids.

What my husband has done for me is open my heart, mind, soul and body to new and wonderful experiences, I never would have been confident enough to try or being lucky enough to experience if it wasn’t for him. I am lucky enough that I have a husband who gives me the opportunity to grow and develop in my own way and live the life I could only have dreamed of.

Thank you wonderful, strong, and loving husband for fulfilling my deepest wishes.


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