Earlier this week we took the children to Canterbury to visit The Canterbury Tales attraction. I remember visiting as a young girl and visiting brought back all the memories and made me feel so nostalgic. It was lovely to take the children. There were a lot of children visiting the same time as us. We felt although Archie is three he was absolutely fine to come on the tour, and actually he really enjoyed it. Both the children enjoyed holding the audio guide… View Post

I really do love this little space of mine so much and when we get to work with places we would visit as a family on a normal day out we really do feel so grateful. I love capturing photos of my little family, it is something I really love so much and even more so on our days out because we are making forever memories. We were recently invited to Groombridge Place and Gardens and we couldn’t have been more pleased… View Post

Life is a funny old thing isn’t it? I often have times when I think about the times gone, where we are now as a family and where we are going. I cant believe this will have been my 6th mothers day. How amazing is that and actually how very special. With each year I am more grateful and my perspective widened. I have two very happy and healthy children, a husband that is completely devoted to each of us and… View Post

 Just this weekend we spent a night at the beautiful Spa Hotel. We have visited before and had the loveliest time so we were really looking forward to visiting again. I think my most favourite thing to do with Daniel is to go to a Spa and be spoilt, to eat good food and relax and unwind together. What better place to spend your time then in a luxurious hotel which offers both a relaxed experience and has its own… View Post

We are finally home from our trip to Marbella and reunited with our babies. We missed them so much. I cried on the plane home and again when we fetched Archie from school. The emotions all got a bit too much for me in the end. But needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed our little weekend away. I made sure to enjoy every moment as to not regret it. I feel very fortunate we were able to make this trip,… View Post