I have written a year in review post the last two years and wanted to do one again this year. I write about blogging, our year, my children, my husband and myself and our plans this year. It has been such a well rounded year I wanted to write about it all. So it seems another year has come to an end! How? It seems like it has all gone by so quickly. I feel like I have enjoyed every… View Post

I felt extremely inspired tonight to write this post. I feel like I have been missing from my blog for a while and I have missed it. Waiting for my inspiration and creativity to show its lovely face again. After having read my very first Ordinary Moments Post and seeing old photos and past thoughts I feel so blessed and I’m reminded of a lot I may have forgotten recently. It has been a while since I have written an… View Post

Sophia and I have been having our lovely mummy daughter Monday’s and I have looked forward to them every week, and I think she has too. Every so often she will ask me: “is it our day together yet?”¬†As always when having a sibling it is difficult to devote time to each of them fairly. I have longed for the time with her. Each Monday we have done something different, this particular¬†Monday we did a few errands, ordering the carpet… View Post

Hello Everyone! Today I am so pleased to be linking up with Caro and Jess and their Home etc Linky! I cant quite believe that it is nearly time for the summer holidays to be over. It seems to have whizzed by so quickly. I had been really looking forward to the summer holidays this year. This was before we made the decision to go ahead with extending our home and now that we are well and truly into the… View Post

IN THE EVENING I sit here in the evening and I remember it all. I am taken back to where it all started with you. It wasn’t easy. It was full of the most intense feelings I have ever experienced in my entire life. But all those moments, the late night feeds, the closeness and how you nuzzled your little nose into my breasts, I still long for the feelings now. All of it no matter how much some nights… View Post