“You are my Sun. My moon and all of my stars” – E.E.Cummings Sometimes life can be a really crazy place. Sometimes it can be still and peaceful. But in thick of it we can forget whats most important, we can forget to be grateful for the everyday. Its busy, running the children from one thing to another, school to clubs, swimming to drama. Homework, bath, eat, book, bed. But in-between all these daily tasks there are moments of quiet.… View Post

So it seems that I have been missing for some time from this little space. I have not been posting regularly and thats not on purpose I promise. I went back to work a month ago, I know I work from home, but I mean work outside of the home. I went back for many reasons. One of them being to just have some time away from home. As I was becoming a bit of a recluse in these four… View Post

“Archibald is a masculine given name, composed of the Germanic elements erchan (with an original meaning of “genuine” or “precious”) and bald “bold”.” It’s true life is fleeting, days roll into one another and sometimes we are so busy living we forget to capture the everyday moments. I wanted to capture my little Archie at three years old. A typical moment in our house.  He wont be a feisty little three year old forever, he wont tear around the house pretending… View Post

“Trust that everything happens for a reason, even when you are not wise enough to see it.” – Simple Reminders As I sit down to write this I have my lovely dad over watching the boxing with Daniel. Daniel has been looking forward to this fight, he has been watching the build up all week. He loves his sport. I love that Daniel and I have our own interests and hobbies. Its nice that we both have things we enjoy together and… View Post

It is Friday here and I cant believe half term will already be over come Tuesday. I will be honest on the last day of term I was slightly apprehensive to start half term wondering how I would fill the days with fun activities and slightly worried about my own energy levels with two very energetic children. But we made it. And actually it has been one of the best half terms I have had with the two of them. We… View Post