Sophia and I have been having our lovely mummy daughter Monday’s and I have looked forward to them every week, and I think she has too. Every so often she will ask me: “is it our day together yet?” As always when having a sibling it is difficult to devote time to each of them fairly. I have longed for the time with her. Each Monday we have done something different, this particular Monday we did a few errands, ordering the carpet… View Post

It is all over, and I can finally breathe a much needed sigh of relief. It is just the recovery that we have to get through now. Nothing could have prepared me for the floods of tears and the huge sense of sadness that I felt when she walked into the room with her dad. Sad that she had to have an operation. Scared and sad at the thought of her being under anaesthetic. Its a raw image and it… View Post

The week has been a complete whirlwind, in the midst of it all there are moments that stick in my mind, dancing in the living room to the radio on our telly, Archie and I laughing. I can see it in slow motion so clearly his face a picture of happiness, his grin wide and dimples either side. Don’t you think moments like this flash before you in an instant but when you take a moment to look back those… View Post

It has been another lovely weekend, our weekends are usually taken up with spending time with the children, pottering around at home, eating yummy food, and having a few treats too. This weekend seemed to have gone by in a blur, especially because I am working tomorrow. I am sitting here trying to remember it all. In fact Friday night was not great because poor little Sophia had a cough and a temperature so I spent most of the evening… View Post

It is not everyday I get to sit down and write about my daughter turning 5. I love her so much so I want this to be a special one. Although it is cliche, I have to say it, that our last five years together have flown by.  I sit here now and I look back on the last five years and it seems to have gone by in just a blink of my eye, in a breathe, in a… View Post