It has been another lovely weekend, our weekends are usually taken up with spending time with the children, pottering around at home, eating yummy food, and having a few treats too. This weekend seemed to have gone by in a blur, especially because I am working tomorrow. I am sitting here trying to remember it all. In fact Friday night was not great because poor little Sophia had a cough and a temperature so I spent most of the evening… View Post

I originally wrote this post in September 2014. It was when I was becoming so very aware of how much of an influence we have on our children, especially through the words we speak and how we put our fears on them. I believe that limitations are self-created through fear. In order to grow and evolve we need to let go of this fear that we hold onto. I have found as I have let go of my fears I… View Post

  I am so pleased to be linking up with Heledd’s Linky, ‘My Captured Moment #33’ with this beautiful picture of my son and I when he was 8 months old. He looks so little and so comfy sitting all sung in his ring sling. How I really treasured those moments with him. I loved each and every moment of cuddling his little body against mine, breastfeeding him and stroking his head. It is moments like these that mean so… View Post

I want to write a little bit about the two of you…It was just you and I today son. Although we have our set days together in the week when your sister is at preschool we are always doing something, either seeing friends or running errands. So today was just really nice. It was lovely in fact. By the end of the day when your dad was home, instead of rushing to him and not leaving his side, after dinner… View Post