November has well and truly whizzed by for us. It has gone so fast. I don’t even know where to start.  All I know is that it has been a busy month of finishing up work bits, and clearing the house ready for the new baby, making sure I have everything ready for him. This is going to be our last month of being a family of four. Which is both exciting and quite surreal at the same time. We… View Post

I cant believe I am sitting here ready to write my last ever pregnancy update. Not that I wrote many. I did find it quite difficult to juggle work life, the kids school pick up and drops offs, clubs, pregnancy and the house all at once, so my updates were at the end of the list this time. But I have lots of bump photos which is lovely and I am pleased I took the time out to capture those.… View Post

My darling boy, I cant believe that on this day four years ago at 11.02am you were born. I remember you came out within minutes, your labour was so quick and so intense I felt every single bit of pain through my whole body. I didn’t get to hold you straight away but when I did hold you I remember how big you felt, how strong. You were a big boy and I always knew that because I really struggled… View Post

We recently celebrated Sophia’s 7th Birthday. She asked for a Spa Party, it was so much fun planning and organising it for her. It took quite a bit of preparation but its something I really enjoyed doing. It was so much fun putting the table together. We used it a lot for games, activities and for lunch so I did spend quite a bit of time on it. I had a look online for some age appropriate things for her… View Post

Happy Birthday my Sophia. I am a little in shock as I sit here writing this (right now it being the eve of your 7th birthday) your dad watching John Wick, he has fallen asleep and he is snoring! But today the 22nd of October 2017 is officially your birth day… Happy Birthday my love. We had your party yesterday, it was a Spa Party that you had requested. I had such a fantastic day with you and your friends… View Post