Our living room is very ordinary and actually feels slightly old fashioned to me what with our brown sort of colour scheme. It was the first room we stripped out and redecorated before we moved in and we wanted to get it done as soon as possible so that we could move in and enjoy our new home. Everything like paint and carpets were brought within the week, If I remember rightly this carpet was an off cut. So not… View Post

I think having a dedicated space for Sophia to do her homework is very important, even more so that she will be starting Year Two in September. It is quite an important year for her and she will need somewhere that she can work quietly so that she is able to get on with her work. I have teamed up with Wayfair to come up with a space for her to do her homework. I have moved the desk from… View Post

It comes with a huge feeling of happiness that I write this post. Our new bathroom is finally complete. I have put together a tour for you and in this post I will show you around the room in pictures. When we moved in two years ago the bathroom was one of the first rooms that we needed to redo. So after a long two years of saving for various bits around the home, getting the kitchen done we bit… View Post

I absolutely love adding little details to our home and rearranging our furniture and candles all over the place. It really brings a lovely new energy to the home and especially after cleaning the whole house it feels so fresh and almost new. So I love that. I wouldn’t say I have a specific interior design taste. I like pretty things and I like minimalism with a touch of character and personality. I like a room to feel like my own… View Post

With all the building works going on in our house at the moment I think it is good therapy to focus on the things I do love about our home regardless off the mess around us. I am going to share a few corners of my home and the reasons I love them. Here is a little corner of the children’s room. One of my favourite corners in our home because it displays a few of their works of art. It… View Post