What if I told you that today is your day and actually life going wrong means that life itself is pretty much working out for you? Let me elaborate a little… I am a mum. People say I have the hardest job in the world! Looking after two little ones whom I love with all my heart is hard right? … wrong! It’s not. It really isn’t. I hate the word HARD. It’s so uninspiring, so meaningless.  It gives me… View Post

Are you looking for some inspiring blog reads? I have been doing a lot of blog related reading lately. I love finding new blogs, especially ones that i resonate with and can either truly learn and be inspired by or just enjoy a really good read. Either way it leaves me feeling pretty happy that I thought it be a good idea to share some of them. Firstly I don’t know how I have been blogging for nearly a year… View Post

We are finally starting to re-design and decorate our kitchen. I have been looking at Pinterest a lot lately to get some kitchen inspiration. I found some perfect pictures of the style we would like to go for. I love the all white and wooden look for a kitchen and think it will look really fresh and modern. I really cant wait to start cooking in there, as our old kitchen had no counter space at all really, the boiler… View Post

What I will say on graduating is that it was possibly the most surreal experience I have been through. I felt a huge sense of relief and inner satisfaction from writing my TMA’s. It made me happy to write them and to have a completed piece to submit. Also the same feeling of happiness and gratefulness was present on my graduation. I always feel so happy to have the time to write. During my degree, sometimes it was difficult to… View Post

I just recently came across Louise Hay. Before now I had never heard of her before. And my goodness has she come into my life at perfect timing. And hopefully now for you too. For as long as I can remember I have been on my very own spiritual journey. I think through your life you unravel yourself: “Your body is a place for your soul to reside.” It gives your soul the opportunity for a real life experience. The quote is… View Post