Hello and welcome to another recipe post, Easy Homemade Lamb Tagine, which is #2 in the recipe series on the blog. You can view #1, Bite Size Chocolate Balls, if you would like. I thought I would share a dinner recipe this week. One that my husband enjoys (not just me!). It is a Lamb Tagine. It is quite sweet, so if you have a sweet tooth and like sweet potato with your dinner this is definitely for you. Recipe inspiration:… View Post

Here is what I ate on day four for breakfast:   We had a snacky lunch, due to having a really busy day. It was also a lovely sunny day over here. I had  cucumbers, cheese and nuts, I had a whole chicken breast too which I didn’t picture here:   For dinner we had family over and had a BBQ:   Day four was tough, I really wanted something sweet!  

Here is what I ate on day three of my diet, day three has been the hardest for me, just desperately wanting something sugary. I succeed in not giving in! Breakfast I made two sausages, two fried eggs, one whole grated avocado, four cherry tomatoes, and one whole beetroot. Lunch I had mussels, and two lamb chops sprinkled with rosemary, and a selection of roasted vegetables, one celery one carrot, one paper, and two handful of kale, which i sprinkled… View Post

So I am on day two of my diet, I feel fine, the day has gone well, I have given Archie two bananas today and the smell makes me want to eat one, I love bananas, but I haven’t given in. Another day down! Here is what I had for breakfast Lunch we went to the lovely Finch House, the children had a sandwich and I thought I would try this salad. and a black filter coffee. Dinner I made… View Post