For many of us, our homes are a perfect palette of neutral tones, pale shades and magnolia calm. But over time, this colour scheme can look a little tired and also gets dated very quickly. So, how about adding a touch of colour to home? You don’t have to pick up a paintbrush and roller and arm yourself with an acid green colour in order to get this look just right. Just follow some of these straightforward tips and bring… View Post

We put our Christmas tree up this weekend! I cant believe we are in December, already, it feels like the end of a chapter for our whole family. Christmas is an end to the year, its an end to my pregnancy, but its also the start of a new year, welcoming our new baby and having a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I often ask myself how did that happen, how do I have such big children?… View Post

GET SPOOKED IN BROMLEY THIS OCTOBER AS TOWN CENTRE CELEBRATES HALLOWEEN  21st – 28th OCTOBER Halloween is just around the corner and I have lined up a few fun things for the children to do. they also have a very fun Spooky Party to attend with their school friends which they are both looking forward to. Will you be celebrating Halloween this year? If so there is a Spooky celebration taking place in Bromley Town Centre starting from the 21st… View Post

When I was pregnant with my second child Archie I suffered terribly with back pain and it seemed to spread all over my body causing pelvic girdle pain as well as sciatica down my right leg. It was really difficult in the last weeks of my pregnancy and the days almost seemed to drag by because of the constant pain. I really had no idea how to help myself then and only had some physiotherapy which helped a little but… View Post

I get goosebumps thinking about the impending arrival of our little boy. It feels both surreal and exciting all at once. It is a wonderful feeling loving someone you have never met before. Knowing I am carrying him makes it even more special, because I get to enjoy his limbs sweeping across my belly, I get to imagine what he might look like. I often picture him laying peacefully in his crib or on the sofa while Daniel and I… View Post