Oh little boy of mine. How are we here already? How is it that three years of your life with us has passed by already. It feels like just the other day that you whooshed out from inside me and you took your first breathe. For a moment we thought we had lost you and in that moment I learnt to never take one second for granted. Each day with you is a miracle and I mean that from the… View Post

Motherhood is so much more then I ever expected it would be. I came into it suddenly and I was naive. I was young and I didn’t know it then but I was still finding out so much about myself and my needs let alone another little human that was already growing inside of me. Well. It happened and I become a mother and nothing could have prepared me for the whirlwind laid before me. The emotional, physical and mental… View Post

I am coming here to write about what has been on my mind lately. It is a long one, so you might want to get comfy. While raising this little boy of mine I have come to think about many things, as I did with sophia. But in different ways. I worry less and I don’t have any preconceived ideas of how a boy ‘should’ be raised. There is no right or wrong way. Archie is two years old and… View Post

Archie turned two years old a couple of weeks ago now, and we did a Paddington Bear themed party for him. We celebrated twice for his birthday. I did a small party at home for him with close family and some friends. They were mainly Sophia’s friends as he doesn’t go to nursery or anything yet so he hasn’t made any friends as such. His grandma did another celebration at her house for him on the day of his birthday. My mum made… View Post

Today my beautiful boy turned two years old. We celebrated on Sunday with a small party at home with close friends and family and then enjoyed today with his grandparents with a small party too. I love having my family close, I love cosy evenings with films and a warm cup of tea. We celebrated his birthday the best way we know how and that was together. Although it was two years ago now, it is crazy to think that… View Post